Friday, 17 November 2017

The Perfect Snack for Little Adventurers

This past Sunday the weather was absolutely glorious here in the Bay Area so we decided to spend the day out and about enjoying the sun. Despite living here for six years we've never really spent any time in San Francisco's Presidio, the large park and former army barracks next to the Golden Gate Bridge. A visit was definitely in order and this sunny day was just perfect for it. So we packed up the kids' scooters, our sense of adventure and lots of snacks and headed into the city for an afternoon of fun in the sun.

The kids had a blast exploring the Presidio. They enjoyed playing on the old canons displayed throughout the park, doing cartwheels and somersaults on the expansive lawns, watching the container ships and sailboats on the bay (especially as they went under the Golden Gate Bridge), and riding their scooters around on the many paths and trails.

All that play makes for hungry kids so after a while we found ourselves a nice little spot with comfy benches to take a snack break. Like with most kids, snacks are a pretty big deal with my three, especially granola bars. I don't blame them - granola bars are pretty tasty - but because so many of them on the market are packed full of sugar, I'm always on the look out for something a little healthier to add to our snack repertoire. I was pretty happy when I found Happy Kid Fruit and Oat Bars. Finally a tasty treat that the kids will love and that I can feel happy giving them. Not only are Happy Kid Fruit & Oat Bars made from wholesome ingredients such as oats, milled flax seed and organic dates, they contain no added sugar. Hooray! They're also gluten free and contain no preservatives or artificial flavors or colors.

Happy Kid Fruit and Oat Bars come in three tasty flavors: Banana and Chocolate, Apple and Cinnamon, and Blueberry and Raspberry. They all sounded so good that I couldn't decided and brought all three flavors along for the kids to choose from. I think you can guess which flavor my chocolate obsessed kiddos decided to go with for their snack break!

My kids enjoyed their Happy Kid Fruit and Oat Bars and Mathilde gave hers an enthusiastic thumbs up!

With their snack break over the kids got back on their scooters and continued exploring the park until the sun began to set. It really was such a lovely day to be outside and I'm so glad we made the most of it. Adding tasty snacks just made the day even better.

Have you tried Happy Kid Fruit and Oat Bars? They really are such a great snack option for the kids (or grown ups!) and it makes me feel so good knowing that my kids are not just filling up on junk like so many other tasty snacks. I will definitely be adding Happy Kid Fruit and Oat Bars to the kids' school lunchboxes. They'll be a regular snack for our weekend adventures too.

You can find Happy Kid Fruit and Oat Bars at, Babies R Us, Sprouts Farmers Market,
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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Tile and the Lost Snoopy

This is the story of three little sisters, a lost Snoopy toy and a happy ending thanks to Tile!

Once upon a time three little sisters went out for lunch on a rainy day. 

The littlest sister took her favorite plush toy with her: a cuddly soft Snoopy. Snoopy was a very special toy. He had been with the littlest sister since she was six months old when she found him at the Charles M Schulz Museum. It had been love at first sight. She cuddled him in bed every night and during nap times. He traveled everywhere with the littlest sister, from the supermarket, to preschool and  even all the way to Denmark on vacation. He even went to hospital with her when she had her tonsils taken out. Snoopy had his tonsils taken out too. He was a very special and much loved cuddly toy indeed. 

 While the sisters ate their lunch Snoopy sat on the bench beside them listening to their conversations. He was a very good listener, this Snoopy. 

When it was time for a bathroom break, Snoopy tagged along too. As the sisters walked through the cafe's courtyard toward the bathrooms they noticed lots of fun chairs to sit on. The rain had stopped falling and the chairs were nice and dry but the courtyard was still empty, so the sisters decided to stop for a little break before heading back inside to finish lunch.

They sat in the chairs and told each other funny knock knock jokes and sang silly songs. They did tricks on the chairs and explored the rest of the courtyard.

The sisters were so distracted by the fun they were having that when it was time to go back inside they didn't notice that Snoopy didn't follow. Uh oh!

Back in the cafe the sisters finished their lunch and got ready to head back home. It was then they realized that Snoopy was missing. But where did he go? Wasn't he right there with them all along? 

The littlest sister was very upset that she had lost her beloved Snoopy, but her mummy knew not to fear. She knew that Snoopy had a secret weapon to save him from being lost. Attached to the underside of one of his ears was a Tile, a small Bluetooth device that would help him find his way back to the littlest sister. Her Mummy opened the Tile app on her phone and clicked on Snoopy's picture. It told her that he was nearby now. The sisters retraced their steps back out to the courtyard.

As they approached the courtyard they heard music. It got louder and louder as they reached the chairs they had been sitting in. It was Snoopy's Tile leading them back to him. 

The littlest sister ran to the chairs delighted to see her beloved Snoopy laying there. She gave Snoopy a big, big cuddle and promised him that she would never leave him behind again. But just in case she does, his trusty Tile will help him find his way back into her arms.

Reunited with Snoopy the sisters left the cafe and made their way back home. Such a happy ending to their story thanks to Tile


Have you ever lost something that's important to you? Whether it be a cherished toy, a favorite jacket, your wallet or even your keys, losing an important item is such a horrible feeling and often it's a huge inconvenience too. Tile, the world's best selling Bluetooth tracker, makes it so much easier to keep track of important items. Simply attach a Tile to your item, download the Tile app to your phone and link them together. Easy! You can connect multiple Tiles to your account and customize each one in the app with a name and even a photo.

Then when you have a situation like, oh say you can't find your keys as you're about to head out to drop the kids off at school (a common occurrence in our home), simply go into the Tile app on your phone, select the Tile linked to your keys and click "Find". The Tile will start playing music and you can just follow the sound. If the situation is reversed (which is also common in our home) and you have your keys with the Tile attached but can't find your phone, simply press the button on the Tile twice and it will ring your phone. This is definitely a time saver for me in the mornings!

If your items are lost a little further afield, the Tile app will show you the location on a map. You can also connect with a community of Tile users where friends and strangers alike come together to find lost items. Click here to learn more. With Tile, together we find.

What would you attach a Tile to? I've got to say that I'm pretty tempted to attach Tiles to the kids shoes because they never seem to be able to find them in the morning! I could probably do with one attached to my glasses too. And my purse. And who am I kidding, I need them on my shoes too. I can never remember where I left them!

Learn more about Tile and how it can make your life easier at

Monday, 6 November 2017

Lola's Art Party

October is always a super busy month for our family. Between Halloween and all its preparations, visiting a pumpkin patch, school festivals and harvest festivals it's already a pretty crazy month. Throw in Lola's birthday right in the middle of the month and crazy takes on a whole different meaning!

This year we celebrated Lola's 7th birthday with an art themed party. As usual, she came up with the theme and was eager to help plan all of the fun. It was such a great party theme with endless options for creative fun. Let's take a look...

For the party invitations I had a ton of different ideas going through my head (as did Lola) but none of them seemed quite right. Then an image of Lola as an artist popped into my head and I knew that it was perfect. So she dressed up in a striped shirt, placed a beret on her head and added one last touch - a paint brush balanced perfectly on Lola's duck face pout! If you know Lola, you'll know that she is the self described queen of duck face (take that Kylie Jenner!) so it seemed only fitting that her favorite selfie pose be included on the invitation. Plus it totally worked with the whole French artist look!

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Halloween 2017

Halloween has been and gone for another year.

As always the girls had an absolute blast. We celebrated the day in two parts, with celebrations at school and then trick or treating as a family in the evening. Ava dressed as a Hufflepuff student from Hogwarts, Lola dressed as a unicorn and Mathilde had two costumes; a coyote and Smurfette.

Here's a look at our day and night of spooky fun...

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