Saturday, 10 February 2018

Candy Heart Key Chains

Valentine's Day is just around the corner so the girls and I have been busy getting our craft on!

With dietary restrictions at school (no candy or nuts allowed) and several classmates with food allergies we decided to come up with a non-edible gift for the girls to give out on the big day. In the past we've made heart shaped bath bombs and packets of wildflower seeds, or "seeds of love" as we labelled them, and they've been popular with the kids. This year the girls wanted to make something inspired by the classic conversation heart candies. While the candies themselves don't taste all that great, they are rather cute and perfect for Valentine's Day.

We've been working with Sculpey Clay quite a bit lately and it's a medium the girls really enjoy playing with. It's also the perfect medium for making faux conversation heart candies! We thought about making badges or hair clips (similar to the ones we made for Pride and Fourth of July last year) but decided to mix things up a little and go with key chains. Kids at our school seem to love hanging decorative key chains from their backpacks so I'm hoping these will be a hit with Ava and Lola's classmates. They can hang them on their backpacks or use them to hold keys. Maybe even the key to someone's heart! It's Valentine's Day - I couldn't help but add something cheesy to the backing card!

Don't they look cute?

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Museum of Ice Cream... Again!

A few weekends back we visited the Museum of Ice Cream here in San Francisco. It was the second visit for Mathilde and I (you can see you first visit before it was open to the public here) but the first time going for Ava, Lola and Kim.

It was much busier this time around, as I had expected, but we were still able to take our time and see everything at our own pace - it just meant waiting a little longer for photos every now and then. With plenty of fun stuff to see and delicious treats to eat, the girls didn't mind one bit! Although there were plenty of tears from Mathilde when she didn't get to spend as long in the sprinkle pool as last time! 

Because I've already shared our original visit here on Little Hiccups, and a more detail "what to see and do" post on Mommy Nearest (which you can see here) I won't go into too much detail this time around and will just let the pictures speak for themselves. There are a lot of pictures so grab yourself a coffee, or an ice cream, and enjoy!

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Valentines Day Style for Kids

Dislaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

Valentine's Day is coming up in just a few weeks so today I'm sharing my favorite small brand kids' clothes and accessories for dressing the part on the big day.

I love dressing my girls up for specific holidays but I'm not a fan of buying clothes that are only worn once or twice. All of these items are perfect for Valentine's Day but they can also be worn as everyday outfits too. Even better, most of these items are from small businesses run by super talented mamas. It's a total win! 

Lots of hearts, lots of red and pink, a few gender neutral pieces for both boys and girls, a super cute book and some sweet lunchbox notes. A little something for kids of all ages! 

❤️️ Whistle & Flute Kawaii Heart Top
❤️️ Freshly Picked Moccasins
❤️️ Primary Reversible Twirly Skirt
❤️️ Pocket Kisses Mini Notes
❤️️ Whistle & Flute Je T'Aime Beanie
❤️️ Rags Valentines Romper
❤️️ This is Not a Valentine
❤️️ Rags Valentines Baby Pouch
❤️️ Small Lot Mary Janes
❤️️ Hello Shiso Heart Headband
❤️️ Hello Shiso Sweetheart Clips
❤️️ Hello Shiso Mini Heart Hair Tie Set

Do you dress your kids up for different holidays throughout the year? I'm a total sucker for it!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Ladybug Migration at Redwood Regional Park

We get some pretty amazing animal migrations happening here in the Bay Area.

There are the monarch butterflies that call coastal areas such as Pacific Grove and Santa home during the Winter months. There is the ever so creepy tarantula migration around Halloween on the aptly named Mount Diablo just east of the Bay Area. Seriously, that's a real thing! There are the majestic grey whales that migrate along the California coast from Mexico to Alaska. And right here in Oakland there is a ladybug migration! Ladybugs! Can you think a cuter animal migration to witness?

Yesterday we decided to go check out the ladybugs for ourselves after seeing a few friends sharing about them on social media. I knew that there were going to be thousands of ladybugs, but I really wasn't prepared for just how many we would see. It really was amazing.

Every Winter huge numbers of ladybugs make their way to a particular spot in Redwood Regional park in the Oakland Hills. They come here in swarms. Thousands and thousands, maybe even millions, of ladybugs all in the one spot. It really is a sight to see.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

A Look Back at 2017

Each year around late October or early November - or who am I kidding, sometimes December - I post a recap of our past year in America. Ava, Lola and I moved here from Australia on October 25th 2011 and I like to share what the past year has held for us in our adventure living half way across the world.

This past October marked our 6 year anniversary of living in America. I fully intended to share a recap post as I have done in the past, but time slipped away and here we are, the second week in January and I still haven't even started it. So instead, of sharing a post with the highlights of our 6th year in America, I thought I'd be a little more conventional and share our highlights from 2017. After all, one of my absolute favorite things from 2017 didn't even take place in the country!

Here's a look back month by month at some of my favorite moments from 2017. It's a long one so you might want to grab yourself a hot drink and a snack to enjoy while you're checking it out. And maybe a bathroom break. Ha! As always, to read more about a particular event or place we visited click the bold and underlined link for a more detailed post.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Elf on the Shelf Week 3

We've been away on vacation and I've gotten a little behind with my blog posts. Let's just pretend I posted this last week when I planned to...


Christmas is just a few days away - can you believe it?

Another week with Elfie Pokie Nokie in our home (or hotel room) has gone by and he has been up to all sorts of crazy things. Let's take a look...

Day 15
We woke up to find that Elfie was helping some other elves make their escape from our kitchen. He had opened a new pack of elf cookies as well as the cookie jar which had a few in it and led them to safety. Or at least he tried to! We caught him in the process and put all his delicious elf friends right back in the cookie jar. Sorry Elfie!

Day 16
The girls couldn't find Elfie at first - until they looked up. There he was laying on top of the ceiling fan in the living room. I wonder if he took it for a spin overnight. Looks like fun!

Day 17
Another day when the girls couldn't spot Elfie for quite some time, but when they did find him they couldn't stop laughing. Elfie had gotten his hands on a pack of candy eyes and a glue stick and made a little change to our family photo.

Day 18
Snow angels are fun, but Lego angels are even better. Actually, I couldn't think of many things more painful than laying in a pile of pointy Lego, but Elfie seemed pretty happy with himself. It did make for a much more colorful angel than show.

Day 19
Looks like we have an award winning elf on our hands! Wait a minute... those are Ava's triathlon, karate and cheerleading medals and trophies. You almost had us fooled Elfie! You may not have really won any medals or trophies (or at least none that we know of) but you're still the best elf in our home.

Day 20
We woke up early the morning of our road trip to Utah for Christmas break and found that Elfie had packed himself in one of our bags. Whenever we travel over Christmas he always comes along with us. I guess it's easier for him to stow away in our luggage rather than fly to find us.

Day 21
Elfie couldn't resist testing out the make up mirror in our hotel room. We found him perched on the wall bracket checking out his face up nice and close. Ready for you close up Mr Elfie!

I'll be playing catch up over the next week with lots more Christmas posts to come.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the break!

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Elf on the Shelf Week 2

How have two weeks of December gone by already?

I have no idea where they've gone, but they have gone and that means it's time to share another installment of Elfie Pokie Nokie's adventures in our home.

Here's a look at what he got up to this past week...

Day 8
Elfie got into the girls' Magnatiles and built himself some sort of crazy house. Or is it a car? It does have wheels. Maybe it's a motor home. Either way, it doesn't look like a particularly comfortable ride. Mathilde was pretty impressed with it, but she couldn't wait for Elfie to get out so she could play with the Magnatiles too.

Day 9
We picked up our Christmas tree from a local tree lot the day before but hadn't had a chance to decorate it. Elfie took it upon himself to decorate it - with Mathilde's dinosaurs! The girls quite liked the dinosaur covered tree but they couldn't wait to decorate it with real Christmas ornaments.

Day 10
It took the girls a little while to spot Elfie this morning. I guess he blends is better than it looks! Or maybe they just didn't think to look up!

Day 11
By now our Christmas tree was nicely decorated with real ornaments rather than dinosaurs. One such "ornament" did look a little out of place though. Wait a minute, that's Elfie pegged to the tree by his foot! Just like when we found Elfie hanging upside down on the fridge, there's a Jelly Belly jelly bean nearby looking just a little suspicious. I'd watch out for that jelly bean if I were you Elfie! 

Day 12
When we shop at Trader Joe's (which is generally several times a day seeing as it's just downstairs) the girls are usually given stickers by the staff. They also get lollipops when they find the Oski Bear hidden in the store. Mathilde and I went on a late night shopping trip and left everything, including her stickers and lollipop in the kicthen. Looks like Elfie wanted in on the Trader Joe's fun too! 

Day 13
Umm... what's going on here? A Fruit Loop bath? Nice eye mask there Elfie! It does look pretty relaxing. Mathilde thought Elfie looked pretty funny and snapped a ton of photos with her iPod - right along side me snapping photos with my camera. I wonder where she gets it from...

Day 14
The girls and I made honey biscuits to give as gifts the day before and it looks like Elfie decided to help himself to one. I don't blame him for sneaking one - they are pretty tasty. Perfect with a cup of tea - or whatever it is that he's got in that mug. You can find the recipe here

Lots more Elfie Pokie Nokie fun to come!

I'd love to hear what your elf has been getting up to.

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