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Wednesday, 12 April 2023

30+ Things to do in Colorado with Kids

Summer Break is coming up in just a few months, and while that often means taking a trip out of state or even overseas, some of the best vacations are spent right at home exploring your own backyard. If you're in Colorado and planning to stay home this Summer (or if you're visiting Colorado from elsewhere) there is plenty of fun to be had locally.

Now, for a lot of people, when they think of Colorado the first things that come to mind are the mountains, skiing, snowboarding and hiking. Those are also the main things you'll see when you google "things to do in Colorado" or if you follow Colorado based bloggers/influencers. The mountains here are beautiful, but if you're like me and you don't really care for Winter sports or trekking far away from civilization, finding resources for things to do in Colorado can be a little tricky. So that's what I'm sharing with you here today! We're not skiers or hikers, so while you'll find a few short hikes in this post, I'm leaving the more outdoorsy pursuits to the pros. If you're looking for mountainy adventures, I'll share a few of my favorite local bloggers and influencers at the end.  

Let's take a look at my favorite things to do in Colorado with kids...

Denver murals
Meow Wolf: Convergence Station, Denver, Colorado
Denver Art Museum
SeaQuest, Littleton
Neon Alley, Pueblo, California
Garden of the Gods, Colorado
Denver Selfie Museum, Colorado
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Manitou Cliff Dwellings, Colorado
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Estes Park, Colorado
Junkyard Social Club, Boulder
Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado
Colorado Railroad Museum, Golden, Colorado
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Red Rocks State Park, Colorado
Estes Park Tramway, Colorado

Because I'm sharing a large variety of places and activities here, I've broken it down into the following categories: 
  • Museums, Galleries & Street Art
  • Animal Experiences
  • Playgrounds & Play Spaces
  • Great Outdoors
In each category the places and activities are listed in alphabetical order. 

Let's get to it...

Friday, 31 March 2023

Junkyard Social Club

Have you ever been to a junkyard playground?

You might not think that those two words go together - I mean, they do sound at odds with each other - but when combined in just the right may they come together to make something truly magical!

Junkyard Social Club in Boulder is one such place where "junkyard" and "playground" come together in the most unexpected way. This amazing space is home to play structures and equipment created from repurposed junk. Can you imagine a playhouse made of wooden crates, recycled timber, old sinks, baseball bats, bike wheels and number plates? Or a stage and climbing structure made of reclaimed timber, skis and baseball bats? Or maybe umbrellas made of Volkswagen Beetle hoods atop a cable reel table? What about a giant giraffe sculpture made of scrap metal and bones? You don't need to imagine any of these fantastical things because they all exist at Junkyard Social Club and you can see them in the photos below!

Wednesday, 29 March 2023

Spring Break in Copenhagen

Recently on Instagram I shared our top five Spring Break trips and it occurred to me that I'm still yet to share our number one trip here on the blog.

I mean, it was only almost six years ago so I'm pretty much right on track based on my posting schedule. I'll get caught up one day!

So where did we go for our number one Spring Break trip ever? Copenhagen, Denmark! You probably saw that in the post title, right? 

As a city girl who loves nothing more than exploring urban, historical and cultural sites with plenty of good food, art and shopping thrown in, Copenhagen was a dream destination. In fact, it was a destination that I'd been dreaming of visiting for decades. That said, planning a trip to Denmark wasn't really on my immediate radar until I saw a particular ad pop up in my Facebook feed in January 2017. It was an SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) ad for a kids fly free promotion. I clicked the link not expecting much, but lo and behold this fantastic deal covered all three of our kids (we just had to pay their taxes/fees) and the dates just happened to line up perfectly with our upcoming Spring Break. How could I resist? My only conundrum was which destination to choose for the deal: Copenhagen, Oslo or Stockholm. All three cities have been on my bucket list since I was a kid (growing up with a Finnish best friend meant that I was a little obsessed with Scandinavia from a young age) so it was a tough choice, but ultimately I decided that Copenhagen would be it. 

And what an amazing destination it turned out to be!

I mean, just look at the photos below. Such a beautiful city.

Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark
Bike riding in Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark
Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark
The Round Tower in Copenhagen, Denmark

Don't these pictures just make you want to visit Copenhagen? It really does feel like a fairytale come to life - with a good dose of Scandinavian mid century modern design thrown in! 

Read on to learn about my favorite things to so, see and eat in Copenhagen.

As with most of my travel posts, this is a long one so grab yourself a cup of tea and make yourself comfy! 

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