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Monday 29 August 2011

Father's Day Card 2008

For Father's Day 2008 Ava and I had a photo shoot with Kim's Vespa. 

Ava dressed in her best biker-chick outfit, put on Daddy's (very heavy) helmet and gloves and grabbed a couple of spanners to "fix" the Vespa. 

There were so many good photos from our little shoot that I made a composite card from my favourites. The final card is below.

Father's Day is coming up

Father's Day is almost here again. Just under a week to go.

This year Kim is on the opposite side of the world to us so no breakfast in bed for Daddy - unless he orders room service in his hotel :)

I thought I'd share some pictures from previous Father's Days.

For Kim's first Father's Day I printed a special t-shirt for Ava to wear.

Daddy's Little Girl and I took Daddy for a picnic in the Botanic Gardens.

Ava and Daddy picnicking in the Botanic Gardens

Friday 26 August 2011

Bon Voyage

Our little family will soon be relocating from Adelaide, South Australia to San Francisco, California.
It's a big move and it all started yesterday when we said goodbye to Kim at the airport.
Kim is going over ahead of the girls and I to start his new job. We'll follow in about a month and a half - or whenever we get everything ready!

Family farewells at the airport

Sunday 7 August 2011

Beware of Monsters!!!

In between creating lovely drawings of fairies, flowers and castles Ava likes to throw in the odd picture (or sculpture) of...

... I'm too scared to say it...

...m, m, m...


Some of them are really scary. In fact, a few of them have even been made to scare aware bad guys - apparently!

Here are a few of Ava's monsters. But remember... they are really scary.

You've been warned...

This scary fellow was left by the front door to ward off a visitor that Ava was shy about meeting!
It didn't work :(

Thursday 4 August 2011

Is it a horse?

Yesterday Ava created this cute Duplo creature.

I asked "Is it a horse?".

The answer was "No".

I asked "Is it a giraffe?".

The answer was "No".

Before I could guess again (and I'm not sure what I was going to go for this time) I got the answer:

"It's a llama".

Ah, that's right... Ava is learning about South America at pre-school!
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