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Friday 26 August 2011

Bon Voyage

Our little family will soon be relocating from Adelaide, South Australia to San Francisco, California.
It's a big move and it all started yesterday when we said goodbye to Kim at the airport.
Kim is going over ahead of the girls and I to start his new job. We'll follow in about a month and a half - or whenever we get everything ready!

Family farewells at the airport

Ava made a farewell card for Kim which she gave him at the airport. The picture was supposed to be of her waving goodbye to Daddy on an aeroplane but at the last minute eye lashes were added to the plane passengers and they all became girls!

Ava's farewell card for Daddy

Always looking for a chance to do some drawing, colouring, writing, filling out forms etc Ava decided to copy Daddy and fill out her own Outgoing Passenger Card. All the check boxes were filled with ticks, crosses or smiley faces (complete with eyelashes) and words or drawings were added to the text fields. Apparently Ava will be getting off her flight at preschool, her nationality is butterfly and her birthdate is love hearts :)

Ava filling out her form

I love Ava's signature below. Somehow she worked out on her own that this was the spot to write her name - and add another smiley face :)

Ava's signature

The rest of the form was later completed with lots more crosses, ticks and drawings. According to the back of the form Ava is taking over $10,000.00 in cash on her flight. I'll have some of that please! 

Ava's completed Outgoing Passenger Card

Hmm... I think I might have to fill this out on Ava's behalf when we fly!

Safe travels Kim. We'll see you soon in San Francisco!

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