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Sunday 7 August 2011

Beware of Monsters!!!

In between creating lovely drawings of fairies, flowers and castles Ava likes to throw in the odd picture (or sculpture) of...

... I'm too scared to say it...

...m, m, m...


Some of them are really scary. In fact, a few of them have even been made to scare aware bad guys - apparently!

Here are a few of Ava's monsters. But remember... they are really scary.

You've been warned...

This scary fellow was left by the front door to ward off a visitor that Ava was shy about meeting!
It didn't work :(

This little guy was made for the same reason but is just too cute to scare anyone!

On the right is the "Open and Close Door Monster" who, you guessed it, opens and closes doors. Apparently it was him who was opening and closing the car door while I packed the boot full of groceries at the supermarket and NOT Ava. Hmmm... He's pictured here with some of his scary friends plus a few spiders. They're all joined together with spiderweb.

Scared yet?

The "Open and Close Door Monster" and friends appear again. This time on a birthday card. 

These monsters are made up of cells. They're drinking cups of tea and eating sausages - apparently!

This one reminds me of a crazy cat lady - minus the cats!

You must be feeling pretty scared by now, right?

I think that backwards B makes this one Russian...

Is that a set of fangs or a really creepy moustache? 

With the flower arms and multiple smily faces this one almost looks friendly.
But then again, nothing with that many legs is nice!

This one has been hanging on our bedroom wall for about 6 months now.
Not quite sure what it's supposed to be!

Only a few more to go...

"Alien Goo Goo": Ava's entry in Stella's Little Contest.
Do aliens count as monsters?

There's even a monster stuck on Ava's bedroom door - although there are so many other pictures stuck on the door he doesn't really stand out. Plus with those droopy pipe cleaner antennae he looks a little tired to scare people :) 

Well, if you've made it all the way to the bottom you're pretty brave.

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