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Friday 11 March 2011

Friend Book

Ava loves drawing pictures and making cards for her friends. This is quite a good activity that keeps her occupied for a long time and that she can do on her own without any supervision - until she needs to write her friend's name. That's when I have to become involved and help out with the spelling.

As Ava is always making cards and pictures for her friends I feel like I spend half my time spelling one name or another to her. I decided to make her a "friend book" so she doesn't need my help spelling her friends' names.

I chose clear, close up photos of Ava's friends to feature in her book and tried to make them as fun as possible. As a result most of the photos are from birthday parties and there is an awful lot of face-painting featured! Under each photo I typed the friend's name. I decided to make the book with one friend per page to avoid any confusion over which name goes with which photo.

I laminated the pages to protect them from the inevitable drink spills or "accidental" texta marks that appear on everything. Once laminated I bound the pages with hinged rings. I chose the hinged rings instead of alternative binding methods so that the book can easily be expanded as Ava makes new friends.

Here are some shots of Ava's "Friend Book":


  1. Looks great Sally!
    I made a similar book for each of my boys when they were little - mainly filled with family, who were, of course, overseas at the time.
    May I suggest that you use a font more closely aligned to what is used in school for future pages - that capital "A" for example at the end of Lola could set her up with bad habits, and the "g" looks pretty foreign too. A sans serif font like Futura or Comic Sans MS might be better?
    My boys *still* get out their laminated ring bound books and love looking at everyone. Great stuff! I also made them the occasional book about a big holidat, for example "Ben's Disneyland Book" or "Summer 2005" (with sentences to read) and once again - even now, at 11 and 8 they and their friends still love looking at them!
    (--Sam P)

  2. I thought about using a sans serif font (Helvetica) but decided to stick with American Typewriter as I have used it quite a few times for Ava and she is quite familiar with it. It's also my favourite font at the moment :)
    If she was learning how to write her letters I would definitely have used a font that was easier to copy but as she is just using it as a reference for spelling she doesn't actually copy the form of the letters.
    I had hoped that she would copy it a little though and break her habit of writing in all capitals!

  3. Love it, Sally!

  4. great idea! Have a really bad version just as a picture book for Aurelia. Need to step up on the presentation...

  5. I hope I'm in the book : )


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