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Sunday 10 July 2011

What's in your wallet?

Ava decided that her play wallet was missing a few things. It contained no credit cards, no money, no driver's licence and there was no membership card for her favourite smoothie bar. This was clearly a problem that needed fixing. So Ava set about fixing the problem by making her own cards and money!

Ava making her own Westpac Mastercard.

To work out what she would actually need in her wallet Ava started off by pulling every single card out of mine! She then went through every card asking "Is this important? Do I need one of these?". We ended up narrowing it down from the large pile of cards that live in my wallet to just the most important things: a driver's licence, two credit cards, a roadside assistance card, a library card, a medicare card, a bus/train/tram ticket and some money. Oh, and the membership card for Boost Juice - very important according to Ava!

Once Ava had her pile of important cards she traced around them and set about copying them as closely as possible inserting her name where ever she saw my name on a card and making up her own card numbers. Most cards even have the black strip and signature box on the back!

I think they turned out pretty well as you can see from the pictures below.

Ava's driver's licence. The photo looks just like her!

Ava's RAA Roadside Assistance card

Ava's Medicare card

Ava's Westpac Mastercard

The back of Ava's Westpac card. I love the logo!

The colourful Mastercard

Ava's library card. A little more minimalist than the original!

The all important smoothie card

Ava's metroticket

Ava's coins. The denominations vary - 5c, 10c, 11c, 22c, 100c!

No more empty wallet

All of the cards and coins have been laminated since the photos were taken to make them more durable.

I can't wait for Ava to pull out one of her credit cards in a shop and offer to pay!

Do you take Mastercard?

Looks like I have a little counterfeiter on my hands!

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