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Wednesday 23 November 2011

Almost Thanksgiving

It's almost Thanksgiving - another first for us here in America.

Ava is pretty excited about Thanksgiving although she has absolutely no idea what it's about! All she cares about is that she gets to eat turkey and cranberry sauce, and for that she's very thankful.

I'm looking forward to roasting a turkey and baking a pumpkin pie. I have this image in my head of me roasting an entire turkey, so big that it takes up the entire oven. Of course, there's no way that we could realistically eat that much turkey (no matter how much Ava loves it) so I've let practicality take over and I'm roasting a turkey breast roll instead. This way we get all the best turkey meat anyway. I'm not so good with all the "gooby" bits!

Ava has been drawing lots of turkeys for Thanksgiving decorations and for friends back home  - who of course will not be celebrating Thanksgiving. Here are a few of Ava's best turkey drawings.

Ava's first attempt at drawing a turkey.
The turkey gets a little more body this time

A Thanksgiving picture for our neighbors

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