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Friday 12 February 2016

Ava's Peanuts Birthday Party

This past weekend we celebrated Ava's ninth birthday with a Peanuts themed party on our roof top.

The past two years we've had incredibly rainy weather for Ava's party and haven't been able to use our roof top. This year, however, we had a beautiful, sunny day. Perfect for a roof top party.

The Peanuts gang make such a fun party theme - and gave me the chance to get a little creative! We had a Snoopy doghouse piñata, Charlie Brown cookies, a comic strip photo booth, Lucy's psychiatrist booth for photos (and bad advice!), Snoopy doghouse party bags, and Ava decorated her birthday cake herself with a drawing of Snoopy and Woodstock. How cute is that cake? I covered it with fondant and Ava decorated it with edible markers. Seriously, those edible markers are one of the best things ever!

As always, the piñata was a big hit - pun totally intended! I made the piñata out of a cardboard box with a few extra pieces on top as the roof and covered the whole thing with red tissue paper. Lola's plush Snoopy sat on top throughout the party until it was time to smash the piñata to bits. We didn't want Snoopy getting hurt - although I'm not sure he liked watching his house get smashed! The piñata proved to be a little tough to smash open. Note to self... Amazon boxes are too thick to use for a piñata! In the end we took the piñata down and the kids stomped on it until it split open and the candy inside spilled out.

Poor Snoopy got his house back a little worse for wear!

After the piñata we moved onto a game of pass the parcel. Pass the parcel is a classic kids' party game back home in Australia but not really known here in America. The kids sit in a circle and pass around a parcel while music plays. When the music stops, the kid holding the parcel gets to unwrap a layer. This continues until all of the layers have been unwrapped and one lucky child ends up with the prize in the middle - which in this case, was a Peanuts book.

Mathilde was too little to join in so she relaxed in the sunshine and helped Daddy with the music while the kids played!

One of my favorite things from the party was Lucy's psychiatric booth. Everyone loved sitting behind that one for a photo - or to give bad advice! This was such an easy party prop to make and it provided so much fun. I'll have a DIY including a printable for the text coming soon.

The comic strip photo booth was fun too. You seriously couldn't get a more simple photo booth backdrop - just a simple piece of white card with a black line drawn around the edge. I added Schulz's name to the side just like a real Peanuts comic strip for an extra touch. I made up a few speech bubbles with famous Peanuts quotes for the kids (and grown ups!) to hold. We had to move this one into the stairwell as there wasn't any wall space on the roof that didn't have glaring sun on it or potted plants in the way.

Singing "Happy Birthday" and cutting the cake is always the last thing we do at parties. The kids were all pretty eager to get their hands on a piece of that cake. For the first time ever there was no wind and Ava was actually able to blow out the candle for real.

You might have noticed in the photos above that Ava has one of her feet bandaged. A few days before the party she fell off a dining chair and landed, chair and all, on her foot. Ouch! The doctor has assured us that it's most likely just a compression wound and not fractured but she's been hobbling around ever since. She actually spent the morning of her party at the doctor getting it checked out. I had images in my head of Ava on crutches with her leg in a cast at her party.

At the end of the party Ava passed out party bags filled with treats to her friends as a thank you for celebrating with her. The party bags were shaped like Snoopy's doghouse and featured a little Snoopy on top. My trusty Cricut machine made easy work of cutting out all of those little Snoopys!

We all had a wonderful time celebrating Ava's birthday with friends. Big thanks to everyone who came along to help make the day special. 

And thanks to the rain for staying away for the day!

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