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Tuesday 26 April 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday Mathilde

Can you believe it? My baby turned two on Sunday!

We'll be celebrating our big two year old this coming weekend with a birthday party featuring her favorite theme... DIGGERS! I just had to write that in all caps because Mathilde is so exited about her party that any time someone mentions her birthday she screams "DIGGER PARTY!!" as loud as she can!

I'm working on all sorts of construction site themed fun for her birthday party (running super behind as usual!) but in the mean time I wanted to share her party invites with you.

I couldn't help myself and just had to create something a little cheesy for my digger obsessed toddler. So I dressed her up in her Halloween costume, which luckily still fits, and we had a little photo shoot in the kitchen. Now all she needed was the perfect background. I took pictures of local construction sites a while back with the intention of making a book for Mathilde one day (something I still haven't started) so I was lucky to have quite a few decent photos to choose from. This one with the digger perched at the top of the dirt mound worked perfectly. I also really like that the photo is from a place that is familiar to Mathilde. We walk past this particular construction site almost every day - although it had been boarded up and hasn't looked like this for months and months.

I made matching name labels for the yellow envelopes that I placed the invites into. This simple image will be reused throughout the party on gift bags, thank you letters etc. I'm kind of tempted to print it life size to stick on the door too!

Standing in a construction site holding a sign would be like a dream come true for Mathilde. She loves looking at the invite picture that I created. I wonder if she thinks she really was in a construction site? Ha!

Lots more party posts coming up next week after Mathilde's party!

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