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Friday 21 April 2017

Easter 2017

I've been a little behind here on the the blog. With our Spring Break trip to Denmark followed directly by Easter and now party prep for Mathilde's upcoming third birthday party, I've found myself a little behind with, well... everything! Time to play catch up on the blog starting with a look back at our Easter Sunday.

This year I was pretty busy in the lead up to Easter and didn't get a chance to plan much in the way of fun craft activities or baking like I normally would. So there were no hot cross buns, no egg coloring and no fun decorations. But, we still had a fun day. Let's take a look...

The girls woke up early Easter Sunday morning and were keen to head to the living room as soon possible to see if the Easter Bunny had visited. They were a little worried at first when they didn't see a trail of sparkly footprints leading from out front door to the living room as usual, but once they turned the corner from the hallway they spotted why. This year it seems that the Easter Bunny came in through our living room window. Sparkly footprints leading from the living room window to the dining table, and then to the dining room window showed that the Easter Bunny took a short cut this year. Or that someone (ie. me!) fell asleep on the couch nursing Mathilde and forgot to leave the trail of footprints until 5am and was worried that the kids would catch her so made the shortest trail possible. Ha!

This year the girls were treated to new Easter "baskets". In the past the girls have decorated boxes to use but storing them has always been tricky with our limited space. This year I bought them Meri Meri bunny backpacks from Paper Source. They're super cute, reusable and fold down really small for storage. They're half price at Paper Source right now if you want to grab one for next Easter.

We left out colorful carrots for the Eater Bunny to snack on during his visit. He only ate three of the six that we left out, but I'm sure he was pretty full from the carrots he gets at pretty much every home!

The girls were excited to open their Easter baskets and see what the Easter Bunny had left for them. They found Lindt gold bunnies, chocolate carrots and an assortment of chocolate eggs as well as Meri Meri surprise carrots (also from Paper Source and half price right now). The girls also each found a pack of chocolate eggs from a chocolate store near our AirBnB in Copenhagen from Kim and I.

Ava decided that her Easter basket also made a pretty good hat!

The girls were keen to find out what their surprise carrots contained so after eating a few pieces of chocolate (or a whole Lindt gold bunny in Mathilde's case!) they sat down in the living room and started unraveling the carrots. Inside they found tattoos and mini chicks.  

The girls were keen to get outside for an egg hunt in our courtyard, but it was very rainy all day and we had to wait until late afternoon for a break in the rain. It did still rain while we hunted for eggs but it was only a light drizzle so it wasn't too bad - although judging from the girls' faces below they would've preferred no rain! We had three egg hunts all up. First I hid the eggs for all three girls to find, then Ava hid them for Lola and Mathilde, and finally Lola hid them for Ava and Mathilde. Mathilde was keen to have a go at hiding them too, but by then it was getting quite late in the day and we still had more Easter fun to go.

As we didn't have time for coloring eggs this year, the girls hunted for plastic eggs filled with a surprise. They weren't quite sure what was in the colorful eggs until we got back inside and they opened them. Just what was inside the eggs? Rice Krispy Treats with sprinkles!

After eating a few Rice Krispy Treat eggs we headed into the hallway where there was a little more space than our living room to smash cascarones. This is one of my favorite new Easter traditions for our family since moving to America. I had never seen these confetti filled eggs back home in Australia, but they are so much fun. Messy, but fun! The girls smashed them on each other's heads, in between their hands, on the floor and, in Mathilde's case, on their own heads. Once they were done smashing the eggs the girls took turns in making confetti angels on the floor. And then I spent about half an hour with the vacuum cleaner cleaning up the hallway!

Our last activity of the day was decorating wooden eggs from Little Sapling Toys. I bought a dozen of these eggs and have decided that the girls will decorate one each year to build a collection. I love seeing how much their decorating techniques change over time. Mathilde was all about paint and glitter for her egg. Lola covered hers with tissue paper hearts, while Ava colored hers in a rainbow pattern with Sharpies.

Our Easter Sunday was a relatively quiet one thanks to the rain, but it was still a lovely day.

What did you get up to for Easter? Did you celebrate with friends and family? I'd love to hear.

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