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Tuesday 16 May 2017

Ready for Summer with Galileo Camps

Summer is almost here! Can you believe it? Ava and Lola have just five weeks of school left before the Summer break and they couldn't be more excited. We have some pretty fun plans lined up for this Summer. We have friends and family from Australia coming to visit, a little bit of travel, and, the most exciting thing for the girls, Summer camp

Summer camp is still a relatively new thing to this Australian expat. To me, sending the kids off to Summer camp feels like we're taking part in an American institution; another thing, like Halloween and handing out Valentines at school, that growing up I only experienced through American television shows. Another box to check off in our list of embracing American culture.

While I love that sending the kids to Summer camps fulfills that sense of embracing American culture, more importantly it's an amazing experience for the kids. One of my favorite things about the girls going to camp is the sense of independence it instills in them. They're encouraged to step a little further out of their every day comfort zone and experience new things in a fun and friendly environment. Whether that be pushing themselves a little further physically through trying new activities, like the slack line we tried out in the park this weekend, or pushing themselves creatively through activities that challenge and inspire their imaginations, Summer camp truly provides a trans-formative experience. 

This Summer Ava and Lola will be experiencing Summer camp with Galileo Camps. Galileo offers Summer day camps for pre-K to 8th grade children with locations all throughout the Bay Area. The camps teach kids to explore and create through a curriculum based on art, science and outdoor activities. Kids will learn lasting innovation skills and build confidence in their own abilities. Imaginations will be sparked and kids will learn the ability to create without fear, which is such an important and often overlooked skill. I just know that Ava and Lola are going to have a blast at camp and will bring home new skills, confidence in their abilities and long lasting memories.

Reading through the Galileo Camps curriculum makes me wish that I could go to Summer camp too! You can check out the curriculum, locations, dates and rates here. And even better, Little Hiccups readers can save on Galileo Camps with a $40 discount per family. Simply use the code CAMP17 when signing up here.

Did you go to Summer camp as a kid? Have your kids been to Galileo Camps before? I can't wait for my girls to experience Galileo Camps for themselves. I just know that it's going to be an amazing experience that's going to make for a memorable Summer.

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