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Sunday 20 August 2017

Space Goodies for the Solar Eclipse

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Tomorrow's solar eclipse has got everyone in our home excited about all things space related. Or rather, more excited about space than usual. We're already big fans of rockets, astronauts and the solar system!

To celebrate the solar eclipse I thought I'd share some of my favorite space related goodies for kids: clothes, books, toys, room decor, hair accessories and even tasty cookies. As if we need an excuse to eat Trader Joe's Half Moon Cookies! 

Click the links to shop:
Duns Mother Earth T-Shirt * Trader Joe's Half Moon Cookies * NASA Logo Sweatshirt

Here in the Bay Area we should see about a 75% eclipse. The kids and I are super excited to see what it looks like and just how dark the day becomes. We have our eclipse glasses ready to protect our eyes and we'll be heading up to our roof deck with friends (and plenty of Half Moon Cookies!) to check it out.

Will you see the eclipse where you live? I can't wait to see everyone's photos from tomorrow - just remember not to point your camera at the sun!

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