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Thursday 22 March 2018

Rainy Day Wear for Kids

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

The rainy season is in full swing here in the Bay Area, and much of the country, so today I'm sharing my favorite rain gear for the kids. It may not rain often here for much of the year, but when it does, it's generally pretty heavy, so decent rain gear for the kids is a must - especially seeing as we're outside so much.

First up, here's a look at my favorite kids' boot for puddle splashing...

💧 Hunter Cheslea Boots
💧 Kamik Raindrop Kids
💧 Hunter First Boots
💧 Crocs Bump It
💧 Crocs Handle It
💧 London Littles Kings Cross Boots
💧 Bogs Dino Boots
💧 Igor Splash Kids
💧 Kamik Riptide Kids

So what do my kids wear?

Both Ava and Lola have been wearing Kamik Raindrop boots for years. They come in a great range of colors and the buckle adds a grown up styling that my big girls love. They're the perfect length for puddle jumping and they are soft enough that the girls can wear them comfortably all day at school.  Kamik boots are great quality and I've been able to pass several pairs down from Ava to Lola so far and I know that Mathilde will get plenty of use out of them in the future too.

Mathilde wears Igor Splash rain boots. When it was time for her to move up from her toddler boots last year she wanted something grown up like her big sisters, however her feet were still too small for the Kamik boots. The Igor boots were perfect for her. They're a nice simple style and they're a decent length. They quite soft and they have worn really well. I was a little worried at first given that I wasn't familiar with the brand, but they are really great quality and I'd definitely recommend them.

When Mathilde was younger she wore Bogs boots. She had a blue pair with yellow trains on them (although she was convinced they were diggers) and she loved to wear them even when it wasn't rainy. I'm sure she would love this dino pair too. The soft neoprene fabric makes Bogs a perfect baby/toddler boot. They're easy to put on little feet with their back opening and pull up handles, and they're super soft and light. The inside is lined to keep little feet warm which makes them perfect for visits to the snow too. They can also be machine washed which is great if your toddler likes muddy puddles. The best thing about Bogs boots is that they go down to a toddler size 4, which means that even the littlest puddle jumpers can join in the fun.

And what about me? Yep... I wear kids' rain boots too! I wear the Hunter Chelsea boots and they're super comfy. Hunter boots have pretty generous sizing so I find that I need to size down to a Youth 4 (I wear a women's 6 in regular shoes) in their boots. Being able to fit into the kids' sizing means that I save a ton of money - we all know that Hunters aren't cheap. I find this style comfortable enough to wear all day when I'm out and about and I love that they don't necessarily look like rain boots. I also have a pair of the classic Hunter boots but I prefer to wear the shorter style, so Ava will most likely be wearing these once she outgrows her current pair of Kamik boots. Yes, she's only one size smaller than me in rain boots!

Now that we've got the feet sorted, what to wear on the top half... Here are my favorite rain jackets for kids.

💧 LL Bean Discover Lined
💧 Columbia Kids Ethan Pond 
💧 Hatley Kids Rush Hour
💧 CeLaVi Fleece Lined
💧 Columbia Kids Rain-Zilla
💧 Hatley Kids Splash
💧 Western Chief Kids Solid Nylon 
💧 LL Bean Discover
💧 Target Dry Harris Waterproof Parka

So many great jackets to choose from!

Ava and Lola have been wearing the lined LL Bean Discover rain jackets for quite a few years now and I've been impressed by the quality. They keep the kids nice and dry when we're out in the rain and the soft lining makes them warm and snuggly too. When I first bought them years ago I wasn't so sure about getting the lined version as it never really gets cold here, but the lining is light enough for Northern California winters. With a few layers underneath it would work well for colder climates too. The sizing is pretty generous so my girls have been able to get a few years out of each jacket before passing it down. I love that the styling and colors are gender neutral so these jackets can easily be passed down between brothers and sisters. Despite the lining, the jackets still folds up pretty compact for the girls to carry in their school bags.

Mathilde currently wears the unlined LL Bean Discover rain jacket. I really wanted her to wear the same jacket as Ava and Lola, but she's pretty petite and the lined jacket doesn't come in the toddler sizing (it starts at a size 4). So for now she wears the unlined version and it has actually worked out pretty well. She's a little heat machine and prefers not to wear too many layers so the lack of lining means that she's more likely to keep her jacket on! The unlined jacket is available in both toddler and kid sizing, and like the lined jacket the colors and styling are pretty gender neutral. This one folds up really small which means I can easily keep it in my handbag or in Mathilde's tiny preschool backpack.

Sometimes a rain jacket and boots aren't quite enough for those extra rainy days, so here are a few more accessories that help keep us dry when it's really wet outside.

💧 Hunter Kids Polka Dot Umbrella
💧 Ducksday All Weather Rain Suit
💧 CeLaVi Bibbed Rain Pants
💧 Muddy Buddy Coveralls
💧 Hunter Kids Original Moustache Umbrella
💧 Polarn O. Pyret Baby Rain Hat
💧 Polarn O. Pyret Rain Mittens
💧 Hatley City Cars Umbrella
💧 Universal Stroller Rain Cover
💧 Hunter Kids Boot Sock
💧 CeLaVi Waterproof Over Mittens

For most rainy days a rain jacket and boots are all the kids need. But some rainy days call for extra accessories, either along with their rain jacket and boots or instead of. Umbrellas are an obvious rainy day accessory so I've included a few of my favorites here along with a few less obvious items.

The rain accessory that gets the most use in our family is Mathilde's stroller rain cover. I use the rain cover that came with her Bugaboo Bee, but there are plenty of universal rain covers on the market as well as others designed specifically for certain strollers. The rain cover not only keeps Mathilde dry, but it keeps the stroller dry too which is a must seeing as we're out and about with the stroller a lot.

Rain pants are another item that have come in handy over the years. When Ava was a toddler she was given a pair of rain pants similar to the pair pictured above and a matching jacket from Norway. I'd never seen anything like them before back home in Australia and they were a huge novelty to put on her. I quickly learned what a fantastic piece of clothing they are, especially for young kids who tend to go a little overboard with the puddle jumping! With the rain pants over the top of Ava's regular pants and rain boots (don't tuck them into the boots) she stayed completely dry no matter how big the puddle. Those rain pants have since been passed down to both Lola and Mathilde. They have come in handy for keeping dry in the snow as well as the rain, although they're not insulated so warm pants are required underneath for snow play. An all in one rain suit is an even handier option for babies through to preschoolers. The less places for rain to get through, the better! Rain mittens are the perfect way to top off the whole covered from top to toe rain look.

The Hunter Kids Boot Socks that I've featured here are a great addition to Hunter boots. They work as a boot liner to keep little feet (or bigger feet, in my case) warm and snuggly and they help block rain from coming in through the top. My taller Hunter boots are quite wide around the calf and I find that rain tends to come in through the top. The boot socks fill that gap around the top and keep my legs dryer. They are a little on the warm side, so definitely best for the cooler months rather than Summer rain.

For more tips on keeping your kids dry in the rain check out Biddle and Bop. They stock a great range of Scandinavian kids clothes including wet weather gear plus they have a lot of great tips on their blog.

How do you keep your kids dry in the rain? I'd love to hear any special tips that you have.

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