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Sunday 13 May 2018

Mathilde's Wild Kratts Birthday Party

I feel like I've been starting every post with this lately, but here I go again...

I've been a little behind here on Little Hiccups, so it's time to play catch up!

Ok, when am I never behind? Between the kids' schedule, travel and writing for other web pages (which you can see here) Little Hiccups tends to get a little neglected. But my goal is to catch up so fingers crossed I can keep it.

Anyway, enough of that. Let's take a look at Mathilde's 4th birthday party from a few weeks back...

Every year the kids choose the theme for their birthday party and this year was no different. In the lead up to Mathilde's 4th birthday she discovered the PBS program Wild Kratts and became obsessed with it. I mean, it's a show about wild animals - what's not to love?

I generally don't like doing "character" parties, but with this one the animals are such a big part of the show that it didn't feel so much like a character party. Well, apart from the fact that the girls wore costumes!

Mathilde was keen to dress up as one of the Kratt brothers for her party and somehow convinced Ava and Lola to go along with it. Rather than dressing the girls khaki pants and "Creature Power Vests" like the characters on the show I made "Creature Power" dresses for them. Simple black dresses with a paw print on the front, just like the Wild Kratts' vests - but nicer! I'll have a DIY for the dresses coming up soon.

Mathilde's Creature Power dress also featured on her party invitations alongside the real (albeit cartoon) Wild Kratts. Doesn't she look ready to join them on an adventure in the African Savanna? 

Like always, Mathilde's party featured lots of fun games. The kids played Pass the Parcel, with small gummy treats wrapped between each layer and a stretchy frog toy as the prize in the middle.

We then played "Pin the Creature Power Disc on Wild Kratt Mathilde". Phew... that was a long name! For most of our parties I like to create some version of the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey for the kids. In this case it was pinning a "Creature Power Disc" onto the picture of Mathilde from the invitation. I gave each kid a stick on Creature Power Disc with a different animal on it to tell them apart. If you're not familiar with Wild Kratts, they have special discs that give them creature powers when they insert it into the paw print on their vest.

Then there was an impromptu dance party with the kids learning the Macarena with their karate senseii! Oh, and those upside down chairs behind the kids? That's their fort. The first thing that always happens at any of our parties (or any time the kids are on the roof with friends) is that all the chairs get turned into a fort of some sort!

We then moved onto everyone's favorite party game - the piñata! Sticking with the Wild Kratts theme I created a Creature Power Disc piñata. It was pretty simple; just a disc shaped piñata with a sticker in the middle, but it did the trick. Like usual, I totally over engineered the thing and the kids couldn't break it open. Mathilde decided to use it as a swing and it still didn't break, even with her body weight hanging off it! Finally it got knocked to the ground and the kids were able to smash it open and retrieve all of the candy inside.

It wouldn't be a party without someone wearing the empty piñata remains as a hat, would it?

It was then time for the cake! Like always, it was too windy on our roof deck to actually light the candles so we just had to pretend when it came time to blow them out. Mathilde's cake was a simple round chocolate cake with Wild Kratts characters and animals as decoration. I added animal print candles, but you can see in the pictures below just how windy it was and why we couldn't light them.

When she pretend blew her unlit candles out Mathilde wished that we could have a family photo taken for her birthday. I couldn't really say no to such a sweet wish, could I? We didn't really end up with the best photo, what with Mathilde kicking Lola and Lola pulling duckface as she squints at the sun, but we got it!

Thanks to everyone who came along to Mathilde's party and celebrated with her. She had such a great time.

I'll have a few more party related DIY posts coming soon so stay tuned!

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