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Sunday 21 October 2018

Lola's Emoji Themed Birthday Party

Last weekend we celebrated Lola's 8th birthday with an emoji themed birthday party. There were smiley face emojis, heart eye face emojis, winking face emojis, and, yes, plenty of her favorite: the poop emoji!

We had a beautiful sunny day here in Berkeley and celebrated Lola's birthday up on our roof deck as we usually do. It wasn't even windy, which is pretty rare! In fact, we were even able to light a candle on her cake without it blowing out straight away. I don't think that has ever happened at any of our parties!

The emoji theme was spread across all aspects of Lola's party and I'll have lots of fun (and simple) DIYs coming soon. I made emoji face decorations and photo props, I baked emoji cookies, cupcakes, poop emoji meringues and a rainbow poop emoji birthday cake, we had an emoji face piñata, emoji themed gifts in the party bags and pass the parcel, and the girls wore emoji t-shirts. So many emojis!

Like at most of our parties, there were a few fun games for the kids. After everyone filled up on emoji themed snacks, the kids played pass the parcel. Between each layer of paper I hid an emoji face chocolate coin and the main prize in the middle was a poop emoji lollipop pop up (similar to these).

We then moved onto the heart eye emoji piñata. Like usual, the piñata itself was stronger than the string so after everyone had had a few hits the piñata fell down, but did not crack open. The kids then took turns poking it with the stick until it cracked open.

It was then time for the birthday cake. The kids were all pretty excited to dig into the rainbow poop emoji cake they'd seen sitting on the table. But first, we needed a few fun photos. The photo props and decorations I made came in handy for this.

The kids then had fun taking silly pictures with the emoji face photo props - and the giant number 8 balloon in Mathilde's case.

It was then time to say goodbye to our guests. They all received a party bag filled with emoji themed goodies (plush keychains, stressballs and chocolate coins) and a few Chupa Chups, which my kids have been obsessed with since we discovered we can buy them on Amazon!

Thanks to everyone who came along to help make Lola's 8th birthday super special!


Lola's party was actually held two days before her birthday, so the following day was the last day of her being 7 while Ava is also 11. The girls loved being 7 and 11 together so to mark the very last day we headed to our local 7-Eleven for slushies!

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