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Wednesday 7 November 2018

Halloween 2018

It may be November and everyone has already moved onto Christmas, but I'm here with a little more Halloween fun to share.

This year the girls' costumes were a pretty mixed bag. We had Ava as a Minecraft creeper, Lola as a mermaid, and Mathilde as one of her many alter-egos Pinchy the lobster. I did my usual trick of making a last minute costume out of existing accessories and dressed as a cat. Kim Wore his class nerd costume - the same one he has been wearing every Halloween since we moved to the US in 2011. If you've seen any of my previous Halloween posts, you'll know the costume!

With Halloween falling on a school day, and the girls now being at three different schools, it was a pretty busy day. Both Ava and Lola had costume parades and Halloween festivities at their schools, but as they're located far from each other I was not able to attend both. Plus, middle school kids probably think that parents turning up to watch their parade is embarrassing, right? Anyway, Mathilde and I joined Lola's class for their Halloween celebrations and the school parade. As usual the kids paraded around the school yard class by class before taking the parade around the block for the local community to see. It's always fun to see the crazy costumes that the kids at school come up with. The younger kids love to reach for high fives from the older kids as they walk past and it reminds me of how in awe I was of the big kids at school when I was the little kid myself. 

After school we took a little break before getting ready to head out trick or treating around 5pm. We made sure to take some fun costume pictures before making our way to Josephine Street, our go to spot for trick or treating every year.

Like last year our trusty wagon came in super handy. Both Lola and Mathilde hitched a ride in it and it was useful for holding water bottles and pumpkin buckets once they became too heavy with candy for little hands to carry.

In the past I've thought that trick or treating while the sun is still up seems a little weird, but I've learned that it makes things so much easier with young kids. It's so much easier for them to see where they're going (which is important given that most houses here have steps leading to the door), it's not as crowded, and it's easier for me to take photos! The kids get tired pretty quickly when we're out trick or treating so starting early definitely helps with that. It also made things a little easier for Ava who struggled to keep up with the other two due to her less flexible costume. Cardboard boxes aren't so easy to bend or walk up stairs in!

As always, there were lots of fun decorations on the street. So many spider webs, grave stones, ghosts, pumpkins, skeletons, creepy dolls, bats, giant spiders...

One particular house, just off Josephine Street goes all out each year with a huge display in their front yard. Last year it was a full size carriage with a life size horse skeleton. This year it was a rather creepy Victorian living room. Seriously, this was in their front yard!

This particular yard always features gravestones with puns for names and a creepy doll that all the kids were keeping an eye out for. Yep... she's creepy, alright!

As you can see from the following pictures, now that it was dark the crowds were much larger. This made navigating those steps to front doors a little trickier, but luckily we were nearly done by the time it got this dark.

Once we left Josephine Street and started heading home we only came across one more house handing out candy as well as the pizza store across the road from us. The pizza store has an amazing mural along the back wall which made the perfect backdrop for photos.

As soon as we got home the girls threw off their costumes and started sorting their candy. I had hoped to get some pictures of them with all their Halloween loot, but they pretty much stripped off to underwear to go through it all!

Our Halloween was a super fun day and the kids had a blast. Speaking of blasts... our favorite house on Josephine was fully decked out with decorations, but didn't have their candy cannon working this year. The fact that the candy cannon wasn't working was the talk of the street. All night we heard kids discussing the fact that it was broken!

Well, that's Halloween done for another year. Time to start thinking about Thanksgiving, Christmas and our trip to Colorado over Winter Break. Another white Christmas for us!

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween if you celebrate it.

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