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Monday 23 December 2019

Elf on the Shelf: Week 3

Another week has passed and Christmas is just two days away! Eek!

So much to do, and so little time, but it also means that another full week with Elfie Pokie Nokie in our home has gone by. Of course, it also means only a few more days of waking up at 2am to the realization that the elf is yet to move!

Here's a look at what Elfie has been up to over the past week...

Day 16
The kids couldn't find Elfie anywhere for quite some time until they went past the laundry to get their jackets and boots for school. That's when they spotted him sitting in the clothes dryer. Now, Elfie has hidden out in the clothes dryer a couple times in the past in our apartment in Berkeley and we always figured it was to keep warm. However, and here's something strange about clothes dryers in American houses that I never knew before, our current dryer has a big outlet pipe that leads outside of the house. I'm not really sure how this works as clothes dryers in Australia don't have this (nor did our dryer in Berkeley), but what I do know is that this pipe brings in cold air from outside! Trust me, when it's -4C outside, the clothes in the dryer are fricken freezing! Unless I take the clothes out as soon as the dryer finishes I get a chilly shock when I open the dryer door!

Day 17
On day 17 the kinds, once again, didn't spot Elfie until we were heading out to go to school. That's when we found him perched on one of our rather festive looking lawn flamingos. I'm guessing he brought them their matching hats and scarves as they weren't there earlier.

Day 18
Some days Elfie's hiding spots aren't very original, and today was one of those days. We found him sitting behind a print in our living room. He has hidden behind prints and paintings many times in the past, but this time it looks as though he made himself a little prop to go with the print. This print is made up of little signs that pay tribute to different areas of San Francisco (we have the New York print too) and Elfie seems to have made himself a North Pole sign to go along with it.

Day 19
Another day of Elfie just hanging about... literally. We found him hanging upside down from the light fixture above out dining table. I guess he has a good view from up there.

Day 20
Remember that crazy cereal cafe that we went to over Thanksgiving break? You can see it here on my Instagram if you're not sure what I'm talking about. Anyway, while we were there Ava ate a bowl of Elf on the Shelf sugar cookie cereal (who knew that was a thing?) and she liked it so much that she bought a box of it to bring home. You can buy it here if you're keen to try it - and it arrives before Christmas if you order now! Back to Elfie... He must have found it in our pantry and thought it would make a good breakfast treat for the kids so he brought it out onto the kitchen bench, and plonked himself inside the box. Must be weird seeing yourself on a cereal box!

Day 21
On day 21 Elfie made an unexpected friend. We found him sitting on the log in Cookie's (Ava's pet leopard gecko) vivarium. At first Cookie seemed a little wary on the intruder, but after a little while he seemed rather curious and started climbing on Elfie. Elfie ended up falling over and I did plan to sit him back up again, but Cookie seemed happy with him there and ended up spending the entire day snuggled up under Elfie. The kids were convinced that Elfie and Cookie had become best friends and that Elfie needed to move in with Cookie permanently, but in true elf form Elfie moved again over night. Mathilde was convinced that Cookie missed Elfie, so she drew pictures of him to stick on the walls of Cookies vivarium. The kids did have me Elfie from his new spot (which you'll see in next week's post) and put him back in with Cookie - who went straight back to snuggling up to his friend! Maybe we now have an "elf on the gecko log" rather than an elf on the shelf!

Three weeks down, just a few more days to go!

Let's see if Elfie ends up becoming a permanent fixture in Cookie's vivarium!

P.S. Elfie is in need of a new hat. Those Krampus horns that he grew last week ripped a nice big hole in his hat. Oops. His Krapus tail left behind a bit of a hole too.

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