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Tuesday 20 October 2020

Lola's 10th Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated Lola's 10th birthday (10 - eek!) with a small birthday party at home.

Now, when I say that it was a small party, I mean small. Slightly bigger than Mathilde's party back in April, but only one person bigger. We celebrated with just our family and the girls' friend who lives next door. 

We did, however, have a special visitor at the start of Lola's party. As a special surprise I organized for Denver based pastry chef and drag queen, Chocolatina the Pie Queen to deliver home made pies and quiches along with a song! Lola knew there was a surprise in store for her birthday, and thanks to a few clues she guessed it may have something to do with a drag queen, but she never guessed just what it would be. It was definitely a surprise when Ava called out "The surprise is here" and Lola ran out the front to see Chocolatina making her way up our drive way to the sounds of "Dancing Queen"! 

After delivering the pies and quiches (which were divine) Chocolatina serenaded Lola with a song for her birthday. Nope, not "Happy Birthday", but rather "Copacabana"! Much better! We then posed for some photos before Chocolatina made her way to her next delivery. 

Fun aside, Chocolatina was accompanied by a camera crew from Denver's Nine News. Once the piece is aired I'll make sure to share it here! In the meantime, you can see a short video on my Instagram. It's a little wobbly as I was dancing!

Then it was on to the rest of the party celebrations. For the most part the kid just played but we did have a little party fun with Lola's chosen theme: taco party! We ate street tacos, we smashed (or tried to smash) a taco piñata and there was a taco cake.  

Doesn't that taco piñata look happy? He probably knows that we wouldn't succeed in smashing him open! Seriously, why do I always make indestructible piñatas? After the kids had a few turns at hitting the piñata each the string broke so we switched to a new technique: trying to bounce the piñata open on the trampoline! This wasn't successful either, but it sure was fun. Eventually Ava ripped the piñata open and the kids dived to grab the candy. 

As is our usual tradition after smashing a piñata at a party, Lola wore the remains on her head as a silly hat. I really need to make a post sharing all the piñata hat photos over the year! Some have been pretty hilarious!

Then we finished up with taco cake! Ok, so it was really just a chocolate cake, but it looked (kind of) like a giant taco! If you've been following along with my Instagram stories you would've likely seen me making this monstrosity! It had so much icing that it was a little too sickly sweet, but it was a fun cake. I must say, I'm quite proud that it didn't fall over!

Now that our first big October event is done, it's time to start focusing on the next one... Halloween!

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