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Wednesday 19 May 2021

Neon Alley in Pueblo

Recently we headed to southern Colorado for the first time and spent a weekend exploring a new to us part of this beautiful state. We based ourselves in the city of Pueblo which was a pretty central point for our adventures - plus Kim was getting his second Covid shot there. He had booked his first shot in Pueblo when it was impossible to get one closer to Boulder or Denver and we didn't realize he'd have to go all the way there again for his second shot. It actually worked out pretty well though as the kids and I tagged along and we got to explore someone where new. 

Now, when I mentioned to people that we were going to Pueblo everyone said pretty much the same thing. There's nothing to do there. I had originally expected that we'd just use Pueblo as our base for the weekend and not really spend any time there, but after doing a little research online I discovered a place in Pueblo that I just knew we had to visit. Neon Alley!

If you've been here a while you'll know that I'm a huge fan of street art. I'm also a big fan of vintage neon signs. Neon Alley combines the two together. Imagine an alley way filled with neon signs, murals and posters on every surface. That's Neon Alley! 

Pictures speak louder than words, so instead of me waffling on about Neon Alley, let's take a look..

We visited Neon Alley twice while we were in Pueblo. The first time we visited was in the afternoon while the sun was still quite bright. Some of the lights were turned on already, but they weren't as vibrant as they would be had it been darker. The signage was still really interesting to check out though, so if you happen to be visiting Pueblo during the day only I definitely still recommend checking it out. 

Neon Alley runs between West B Street and West C Street behind South Union Avenue. We started at the West C Street end where you'll find large neon signs on poles. As you walk toward West B Street you'll find walls covered in neon signs, large posters and vintage style advertising murals. 

During our visit in the afternoon there was a technician working on some of the lights. I actually didn't notice him at first because he blends in so well with the busy background! Can you spot him?

There he is! 

Just around the corner from Neon Alley we came across this cute vintage pencil sign. It's not neon but I still really liked it so I wanted to include it here. It's the same company as the neon pencil in the photo above and hangs outside their actual store. 

We came back to Neon Alley again in the evening. The sun was still yet to set, but the lights were all on and we were able to experience their vivid colors and the animated features of several. Being vintage signs, not all parts of them were working, but to me that just adds to the charm. It wouldn't feel quite the same if all of the lights were perfect.

While we were at Neon Alley I had a little play around with my new Lensball. It's a crystal sphere that mirrors everything upside down when you shoot through it. This was my first time using it, but I thought it made for fun pictures. I just need to work out how to hold my hand so it doesn't look so awkward!

If you'd like to see the lights of Neon Alley in action make sure to check out this Reel I shared on Instagram.

Have you been to Pueblo before? If you're headed down that way make sure to stop and check out Neon Alley!

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