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Sunday 29 August 2021

Sunflower Picking at Anderson Farms

Summer break came to an end for us a few weeks back, and the season itself definitely feels like it's coming to an end for another year. The day time temperatures are still pretty hot here in Colorado but evenings and early mornings are nice and cool and our backyard is suddenly covered in golden leaves. Fall is on its way! 

While I'm super excited that my favorite season will be here soon, there are a few last minute Summer activities that I've been wanting to squeeze in. One of these was visiting a farm to pick sunflowers and we did this last Thursday at Anderson Farms in nearby Erie. 

Like Summer break, the sunflower picking season at Anderson Farms has now come to an end, but I still wanted to share my pics from our outing - you know, as inspiration for next year, not at all because I'm behind with posting! 

A visit to Anderson Farms to pick sunflowers starts with a wagon ride out to the flower field. The girls remembered this ride from our visit a few years back to ick pumpkins. Once we arrived at the flower field we filled our flower bucket with water and sprayed ourselves with insect repellant to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

The sunflower fields at Anderson Farms are beautiful with seventeen different types of sunflowers growing over fifteen acres. 

While the sunflowers themselves make for beautiful photo opportunities, there are also many props found onsite for photos. 

Back from the sunflower fields the kids played on the play equipment. 

We'll be back for the Fall Festival which starts next month. You can see our 2019 visit here

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