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Tuesday 4 January 2011


Well, here it is, my first ever blog!

I've thought about writing a blog for quite a while now but what to write about has always been the dilemma.  I've never been one to keep a journal (other than a travel diary on overseas trips) but I do quite enjoy creative writing and feel like I need some sort of creative outlet to keep my mind active - especially during my current maternity leave. Being at home all day with a two month old baby and an almost four year old starts to drain the brain a little - or a lot!

After thinking about it on and off for a while I decided today to create a blog to share my creative ideas. These range from my attempts at graphic design (my original but never utilised direction of study), event concepts (my most recent but also never utilised direction of study), creative and organisational activities and concepts for my two young children and general design ideas.

As an avid fan of good design I've decided that I will also use this blog to review and recommend products, webpages, stores, places and companies that I consider worthy. I seem to find myself spending quite a lot of time searching online for quirky and original products. When I find something truly special (which surprisingly happens on quite a regular basis!) I love to share it with as many people as possible. 

As most of my time is currently spent with my young children any reviews and recommendations that I post will focus mostly on products aimed at families and children. Fashion, graphic design, interior design, architecture, home wares and stationery are my other design focused interests and will be featured throughout as well. I hope to mix things up a little rather than focusing on one concept at a time. 

Possibly my favourite past time of all is travel; in particular, international travel. Of course, spending time with my family comes first but as it so happens these two loves of mine blend perfectly together :) I will also use this blog to write about my previous travel experiences and review places that I have been. Although I have no travel plans in the pipelines at the moment (kind of tricky with a newborn baby and no income!) I am constantly researching places to visit and reflecting on places that I have previously been. Anyone who knows me will be well aware that I have a slight obsession with one destination in particular, New York City. I will try my very hardest to not limit any travel entries to the Big Apple alone! It will be tough, but l've been lucky enough to visit some other amazing destinations so I will try to share the love with all of them. 

I know that this is already sounding like I've bitten off more than I can chew - where am I ever going to find the time to write about so many different topics - but there is one more particular topic that I would like to share in this blog. My almost four year old daughter Ava is (in my "expert" opinion) quite a talented artist. She spends a lot of her time drawing pictures and creating artworks out of toilet rolls, buttons, ribbon etc etc. Our house is covered in these artworks, in most part because Ava raids the stationary draw for blu-tack, sticky tape and glue and sticks her masterpieces up on every blank piece of wall, door or furniture she can find! As all parents find it's impossible to keep all of these artworks so I am constantly sneaking the "not so great" ones into the recycling bin. Ava has cottoned onto this so I have to be very sneaky and hide them underneath cereal boxes, milk cartons or any other large item in the recycling bin! The good artworks however (and there are loads of them) are kept in my filing cabinet and will eventually be made into a book. In the meantime I will post Ava's artworks on my blog so the world (ie. anyone who happens to read this!) can share in her artistic talents.  

So where to start? 

Now that I've decided to write a blog I have a million ideas rushing through my head at once. It's tempting to try and add as many entries as possible straight away. 
My plan is to try and post something every few days. Of course, I know that reality will step in and my posts will end up being a lot more erratic than that. 

Anyway, to make things a little easier for myself (and because my baby has decided to wake up for a feed!) I will begin my blog simply by showcasing some of my daughter's artworks.

Drawings of London coming up... 


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