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Tuesday 4 January 2011

An imaginary day in London

Ava drew the following pictures recently to send to a good friend who lives in London.
Before she started drawing I asked her what you can see in London. Her very confident response came back straight away "The Statue of Liberty". Wrong!

To help Ava out a little I showed her one of my favourite children's books "This is London" by M Sasek. After flipping through the pages for a little while she decided that she would draw pictures of Trafalgar Square (complete with pigeons), Big Ben, a double decker bus and a guard from Buckingham Palace - chatting to the Queen no less!

So here they are...

Ava (yellow hair) poses in front of Nelson's Column with our friend Amy (brown hair).
And before anyone comments on the MAJOR mistake in this picture, Ava draws a happy sun on almost every picture no matter how grey the place is in reality!

A double decker bus stopped at a traffic light near Big Ben. Apparently it has just been raining - hence the rainbow. A little more spot on with the weather this time!

The Queen (complete with crown) chats to one of her guards. I LOVE the guard's hat!

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