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Monday 10 October 2011

Graduation Day

Today Ava graduated from her pre-school, Adelaide Montessori.

Well, ok, she didn't actually graduate but she was close enough to it and so excited about graduating that they held a little graduation presentation for her today in their circle time.

After the kids sang a few songs (in French, I might add) the teacher called Ava up to the front where she was presented with a mortarboard and two books of her work over the last 20 months.

Although at first Ava was very shy being up in front of everyone she revelled in the attention she was receiving from the teachers and other kids. The teacher asked if anyone would like to say anything about Ava and I was surprised at how many kids put up their hand to say how much they would miss her or how they love playing with her at lunch time. I felt a little teary hearing them all say such nice things about her. It really made me realise how hard it will be for her to leave her little friends :(

After Ava's presentation it was home time so Ava handed out little gifts (bubbles and a balloon) to her friends as they left for the day.

It was a lovely little presentation and such a nice gesture from the school. 

A new pre-school and new little friends lie ahead. San Francisco Public Montessori here we come!

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