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Tuesday 13 March 2012

Keys please...

Ava loves using keys.

She loves to use the swiper at the entry to our building. She loves to open our front door with the key.

In fact she loves using keys so much she keeps asking when she can get her own set!

Seeing as my answer to this question is never the answer that Ava wants to hear she decided that she would make her own set of keys to use.

To make sure her keys "work" Ava traced around my apartment key, mailbox key and building swiper. She then coloured them in and I laminated them to make them a little more sturdy than paper.

Ava's keys and swiper

To go with Ava's special set of keys she made a special lock for our front door.

Ava tests out her key with her door lock

Ava's set of hand drawn keys are the perfect accompaniment to her hand drawn credit cards and driver's license etc. You can find a post about these here.

Ava's keys, credit cards camera and money. The $100 bills are tissues!

The contents of Ava's handbag?

Hopefully Ava having her own set of keys will put an end to the girls fighting over keys when we arrive home! Now to work out a way to end the fighting over the elevator button...

Ava tests out her swiper at the entry to our building

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