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Tuesday 13 March 2012

Updated Calendar

Last February I put up a post about the daily "calendar" that I had made for Ava.

Ava's "calendar"

This calendar, which is more of a daily schedule, shows what the day has in store for Ava i.e. preschool, swimming, playing with friends... I made the calendar just before Ava turned three in an effort to stop the repetitive "What are we going to do today?" that she would come out with every single morning.

You can find a link to the post here.

Since our move to the USA Ava's daily activities have changed a little. Updated activity cards were required, so this weekend just gone we made up a new set to add in with the old ones.

Ava's drawing skills have certainly improved since we made the original cards. That said she did draw the original pictures before she was three years old and she is now five.

A little improvement in drawing skills!

Some of the activities have become a little more ambitious. "Visit Mars"? "Go to the Moon"? 
Hmm... not sure when she'll get around to those two! They will come in handy for visits to Habitot Children's Museum though.

Can't wait to visit Mars!
Space Captain Ava in outer space (AKA Habitot Children's Museum)

More realistic activities that were added include "Go ice skating", "Go on an adventure" (that's us driving across the Golden Gate Bridge in the picture!), "Go to the park" and "Play with Lola, Mummy & Daddy". Lola wasn't around when the original cards were made so that last one was a very important update :)

New activity cards for the calendar

Come September we'll be adding in a new activity card: "Go to school".

And before we know it Lola will be asking "What are we going to do today?"and I'll be making another calendar!

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