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Sunday 26 August 2012

Take me out to the ballgame...

Ok, ok, so that is probably the most overused title when it comes to things baseball related but I just couldn't help myself.

Last Sunday we attended our first baseball game as a family. Kim had been a to a few games with workmates but the girls and I were total newbies when it came to "America's favourite pastime".
Kim had previously attended San Francisco Giants games but this time we supported our local team and attended an Oakland A's vs Cleveland Indians game at the Oakland Coliseum.

Lola having a ball at the game!

A while back I asked Ava if she'd like to go to the baseball and what she thought it would be like. She answered that she'd like to go and added that she thought it would be "a little bit fun and a lot boring". I had half expected Ava's answer to ring true but it turns out that we all had a great time and really enjoyed the game.

I'm not really what you would call a sports fan and never watch sports on television. Attending a game in person though is such a different experience. The atmosphere, especially when your team is winning, is great, and as it turns out, baseball is a really family friendly sport. The girls didn't really have any idea about what was going on in the game but they did enjoy seeing the batters hitting the ball and the occasional home run. They joined in with the cheering and applause even if they weren't sure of what they were applauding! The girls enjoyed being part of the Mexican Wave that made its way around the stadium a few times. I enjoyed listening to the funny remarks an old man a few rows behind us came out with throughout the game. Most of the comments escape my memory but I do remember him referring to Oakland player Coco Crisp as "Coco Crisp, the Chocolate Puff". And yes, Coco Crisp actually is his real name!

Kim and Ava watching the game
Something good just happened judging by all those arms in the air!

Must remember to call this guy the pitcher and not the bowler! Not watching cricket!

And this guy would be a batter and not a batsman!

And that's not a wicket keeper behind the batter!

To look the part we all got brand spanking new A's caps - all slightly different so we weren't too matchy matchy - and the girls wore oversized "baseball fingers". They were so excited about the "baseball fingers"!

Little A's fan

Family shot - in our (almost) matching caps

Family shot

Ava, Lola and I

We're number 1, we're number 1!

Baseball fingers! This was taken after the game hence the empty seats.

Ava and her baseball finger

At the end of the game they opened up the gates to allow the littlest baseball fans (and a few big ones) to run around the bases. The girls had great fun running from base to base. Ava took off so fast that I didn't get the opportunity to snap any photos of her making her home run. Lola, however, was a little slower and ended up the subject of not just my photos but of a few tourists photos too. It's surprising how often tourists ask to take photos of Lola. I guess it's her almost white hair - and the fact that she's so cute!

Little posers on the field

Lola runs around the bases.
Is that Drew Carey running next to her?

Run Lola, run!

After we made our home runs we were greeted by the Nestle Quik Rabbit for a high five and a few photos. I guess Nestle Quik must be a sponsor. Lola was a little scared of the rabbit at the time but afterwards she wouldn't stop talking about "High Five Rabbit".

With the Nestle Quik Rabbit

High Five Rabbit!
The season is soon drawing to an end but we've managed to squeeze in one more game. Coming up in a few weeks we'll be going to an evening game (Oakland A's vs Baltimore Orioles) with my sister who has just arrived in the States for a three week holiday. Next season we'll make sure to go more often. We've got to make use of those new A's caps!

Lola and I watching the game.
Notice the bling on my cap?

Oh, and yes, our team won. Oakland A's 7, Cleveland Indians 0.

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