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Saturday 11 August 2012

You've got mail...

Last week during a visit to Habitot I noticed Lola spending quite a bit of time playing with a wooden letterbox. She posted wooden letters over and over and seemed to be having loads of fun. I decided that a toy letterbox was just what the girls need at home and set about making one.

Ready to post a letter

In goes the letter

I found the perfect sized cardboard box from a recent Amazon delivery and started covering it with white duct tape. The tape adds strength to the box as well as a new colour. I cut out a slot on the front for the mail to go in and a door on the back for easy retrieval of mail. I used a looped pipe cleaner as a handle on the door to make it easier for little fingers to open.

Back of the letterbox

Then it was time to add a roof. I cut the roof shape from some bright orange card I had laying around and attached it with glue tape. The remaining orange cardboard was later rolled into a tube to become the pole. More on that later.

No letterbox is complete without a number so I cut out a nice big number one from cardboard and covered it with gold washi masking tape. I added a name plaque which was also made from cardboard and washi masking tape. These were both attached with glue tape.

We're number 1!

Now the only thing missing was a letterbox flag to indicate when the girls have mail. Like the number and name plaque this was made from cardboard and washi masking tape. I attached it to the side of the letterbox with a split pin so it can easily be moved up and down.

Lola moves the letterbox flag to signal that the mail has been delivered

Once the letterbox was complete it was time to install it outside the girls' bedroom. I attached the letterbox to the wall with a couple of Command Picture Hanging Strips. Once the letterbox was securely in place I positioned the cardboard pole underneath. The pole isn't actually attached the letterbox however it is jammed in quite tight between the bottom of the box and the floor so it doesn't move. The pole is purely for decoration and doesn't support the letterbox at all.

Lola and her letterbox

While I worked on the letterbox the girls worked on cardboard letters and postcards to play with. Ava made some lovely postcards from a tropical location.

Ava posts a few postcards

Looks like someone is on holiday in a tropical paradise

The girls really enjoy playing with their new letterbox and it looks right at home outside their bedroom door.

Here are some more photos of Lola and the letterbox in action.

I've got a letter to post
Posting a letter

In it goes

Ooh... what's in here?

Lola collects her mail


  1. very beautiful! Can I copy your idea?

    1. Thanks! Of course you can :)
      Our letter box actually got destroyed during a recent move so we'll be making a new one soon too.


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