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Saturday 8 September 2012

Disneyland T-Shirts

The big day is here!

We're going to Disneyland!!!

And if that wasn't exciting enough, we're meeting up with my little sister who's visiting from Australia and she's coming with us. Yay! 

You may recall that when my parents visited from Australia back in May Ava and I made special "commemorative" t-shirts for their visit. You can see them here. I promised my sister that there just might be something special in store for her visit too so Ava and I got to work.

Ava drew the most gorgeous picture of herself, Lola and Aunty Kylie wearing Mickey Mouse ears on the tea cup ride. Ok, so it was actually two of Ava's pictures that I morphed together in photoshop. Either way, the end result was perfect for our commemorative t-shirts.

Now, when my parents came to visit it was just Ava and Lola who got to wear a special t-shirt. This time around there's a third t-shirt for Aunty Kylie.

Here's a sneak peek...

Lola and Mickey

T-shirt design

Lola, Ava and Aunty Kylie ride the teacups

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