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Thursday 6 September 2012

First Haircut

Today Lola had her first haircut.

I had been putting it off for such a long time but that wavy, blonde mane of hers was just getting a little too frizzy and out of control. Time for a trim.

First haircut

Lola had seemed excited about getting her haircut. She always wants a turn when Ava and I get our fringes trimmed so I figured she'd be pretty happy that it was finally her turn to sit in the chair. Ava had been really good with her first haircut and sat still just staring at herself in the mirror. Little Miss Lola however was a completely different story...

We didn't get off to a good start with Lola refusing to climb up into the chair. Eventually we convinced her (read "bribed her"!) into the chair and she was pretty happy while the hairdresser put on her cape.

Happy with the cape

But then we had to move her slightly so the hairdresser could get at the back of her head more easily. That's when everything went downhill and Lola turned into a snotty, blubbering mess - with the cape pulled firmly over her head! The cape stayed in place over Lola's face and the top of her head for the rest of the time we were at the salon. The hairdresser was able to trim the back of Lola's hair to even it up a little, however the front of her hair (which is where the most work was needed!) was untouchable.

I'm not taking this cape off so don't even try!

Needless to say we left the salon with Lola looking pretty much exactly the same albeit with ever so slightly shorter hair and red, bleary eyes. I guess there's always next time!

Not too bad so far but starting to look a little worried

Snip, snip, snip

Lovely, long hair

Attempting to trim the front during a brief moment when Lola let the cape slip a little.
It went straight back up over her head about split second later! 

A stark contrast - here's Ava getting her hair cut for the first time.
Ava was about 6 months younger than Lola at the time so she has much less hair!

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