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Wednesday 31 October 2012

Carving Pumpkins

It is now officially Halloween!

Ok, so it's 1am and the kids are tucked up fast asleep in bed so there won't be any celebrating Halloween for quite a few hours yet.

I've been meaning to share some of our Halloween preparations here on Little Hiccups but I've been so busy with said preparations that I haven't had the chance. Even as I'm typing this I still have to finish off my costume. Let's hope the sewing machine going in the early hours of the morning doesn't wake the kids in the next room!

So while I take a little break from the sewing machine, let's have a look at the jack-o'lanterns that we carved this year...

One of my jack-o'lanterns

Ava was very proud of the fact that she carved her pumpkin all by herself!
Giving her the knife and letting her use it on her own was a little daunting but she was very careful and did a great job.
Oh, and that's the remains of a (much smeared) painted butterfly all over her face!

Ava working on her first jack-o'lantern 

Ava and her pumpkin

Ava's masterpiece

Ava starts work on her second pumpkin

Concentrating very hard

We worked out in our courtyard this year and Ava decided that these rocks were her studio

Ava's vampire jack-o'lantern

Little pumpkin heads

Kim's bat jack-o'lantern

Ava and Lola with four of our jack-o'lanterns

Big smile

Big nose

Six little jack-o'lanterns all in a row

Lola napped through most of our pumpkin carving. She also has the remains of a painted butterfly on her face - although that blue dot between her eyes is all she let the face painter do!

Two of my jack-o'lanterns with Ava's vampire

Our collection of jack-o'lanterns - all a-glow with fake tea light candles.
No real flames for us this year seeing as all the jack-o'lanterns will be inside our apartment.

Glowing smiles

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