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Saturday 11 January 2014

More Claymation Fun

Last weekend we headed into the city for an afternoon of animation fun at Children's Creativity Museum. You may remember the animations we made on our last visit. You can see them here.

Even though the girls and I had been to Children's Creativity Museum several times Kim hadn't been before and Ava was super keen to show him just how to create a claymation movie.

Ava and Kim worked together to make Ava's movie about a person chasing a giant ice cream cone. It all started out fairly well and then for some reason Ava decided that the ice cream cone should vomit on the person! What?! Six year old humour, I guess.

Ava's ice cream cone and person - made with a little help from Kim

Positioning the characters

Ava adjusts the lighting

Lola decided that she wanted her movie to be about a butterfly. No problem, I thought and set about making a butterfly character for her. It was only as I finished making the butterfly that I realised just how difficult it would be to film something flying! I attached an anchor wire to the back of the butterfly and tied on some fishing line. This allowed me to hang the butterfly, however it did not keep the butterfly in one position which is kind of crucial when making stop motion animation. As a result Lola's butterfly movie only features one very brief shot of the whole butterfly flying across the screen. The rest of the time I had to hold it carefully keeping my fingers out of camera shot. This time around Lola was my helper and controlled the camera ie. pressing the space bar on the keyboard when I said "now".  

Lola and the butterfly

Ava was lucky enough to receive an stop motion animation kit for Christmas so she's pretty keen to get into making her own movies at home. I can't wait to share what she creates!

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