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Wednesday 29 January 2014

Lego and nostrils don't mix

I think the title of this post gives away what happened today!

This morning I was on the phone (ironically, to the doctor) when Lola came running over to my desk, clearly distressed with tears running down her face and a finger shoved firmly up one nostril. There was obviously something wrong with her nose but it was only when I pulled her finger out that she told me what the problem was: there was a piece of Lego stuck in there.

Upon close inspection with a torch I could just see it. There it was, shoved right up the top of her nostril: a teeny, tiny round piece of Lego. It was too far up for me to reach with anything and none of Lola's attempts at blowing it out helped. In fact, each time I asked her to blow her nose she took a deep breath in through her nose instead, potentially lodging it further up.

With no way to dislodge the piece of Lego we called her pediatrician and headed straight to the clinic. Poor Lola was absolutely terrified of just what her doctor might do to get the Lego out. Would he cut her nose to get it out? Would he suck it out with a vacuum cleaner? She was pretty upset the whole walking to the clinic but had calmed down by the time we arrived. She was a brave girl and sat very still while her doctor inspected her nose. 

Lola waits patiently for the doctor to inspect her nose

Unfortunately, the Lego was lodged too far in for any of the standard equipment to reach without potentially causing damage. Lola's doctor referred us to an Ear Nose & Throat specialist at the local children's hospital and arranged for her to be seen straight away. I hadn't been too worried about the Lego doing any damage (I just figured it was more of a discomfort than anything else) but the doctor was concerned that Lola may breath it in and get it lodged in her lungs. Eek! That possibility hadn't entered my mind at all.

So we jumped in a taxi and made our way straight to the children's hospital.

Lola was in considerably higher spirits when we arrived. Sitting on my lap in the taxi had been quite the novelty and she was excited to see that the waiting room had toys for her to play with. While Lola played I fill out the admissions forms.

Never thought I'd be writing that on a form!

Lola plays while we wait for her turn

The ENT was so good with Lola and did a great job of making her feel comfortable and not at all scared of what she was going to do. She checked out Lola's nostril. The Lego was still there which was good. Then in just a few quick seconds she pulled the Lego piece out with a long hooked tool, kind of like something a dentist would use.

The Lego removal tool

I have never seen Lola so happy to have something come out of her nose before! She was pretty excited that it was out - but equally grossed out that it was now full of boogers!

Hooray, it's out!

Lola had been convinced that it was a blue piece of Lego that she had pushed up her nose so when a pink piece came out the ENT made sure to double check there weren't any more in there. Nope. No more Lego. All clear.

Checking there aren't any more pieces in there

With the Lego safely removed it was sticker time!

Hooray for stickers

Then a quick look at the offending piece of Lego.

At least it's colour coordinated with her outfit!

Such a little thing to cause so much trouble

Fingers crossed after today's little drama Lola has learnt not to stick things up her nose.

And I've learnt that the age recommendation of 5+ on the side of the Lego box is there for a reason!


  1. Oh my goodness! It's so good they were able to get the lego out quickly. My older son was not into eating/putting things places but I can totally see my younger one doing something like this. Or he's really into his ears right now. Eek!

    1. My oldest never tried anything like this either. It's tricky with younger siblings as they want to play with all the big kid toys that they're not really ready for. I think we might have to stick to playing with Duplo for a little longer. No fitting those blocks up a nostril!

  2. We went through the same experience with Freya years ago - but for her it was a Barbie shoe. After I asked why she said "well, you never told me NOT to put things up my nose." Ugh, glad it all turned out well.

    1. A Barbie shoe? Ouch!
      It's amazing how many people have since told me that they got raisins, beans and even an eraser stuck in their nostrils or ears when they were kids.


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