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Sunday 2 February 2014

Party Animal Tattoos

For Ava's upcoming reptile themed birthday party I wanted to create something a little different to include in the party bags for the guests. I had bought a pack of printable tattoo paper a little while back but had never gotten around to making tattoos for the girls. A birthday party seemed like just the right excuse to make up some fun tattoos and the little party animals from Ava's invitation (which you can see here) perfectly fit the bill for the designs.

The tattoo paper that I used is made by Silhouette and designed to use with their software and fancy electronic cutting machines. As I don't own a Silhouette cutting machine I stuck to good old photoshop and an Xacto knife. A little more time consuming but easy peasy!

Printing the tattoos

The paper is really simple to use. Just create your page of tattoos on your computer, reverse it, print it with an inkjet printer, apply the sticky clear cover sheet, smooth it down (I used a credit card to do this) and cut out the individual tattoos. I made about eighty or so tattoos so it did take a little while to cut them all out but I didn't mind. I actually find it quite relaxing and a little therapeutic working on simple projects like this. Plus it's rewarding when they turn out so well.   

I made up enough tattoos to include a few in each party bag plus enough for Ava to hand out to her classmates at school on Monday, which is her actual birthday. I packaged pairs of tattoos in little glassine envelopes which I sealed down with stickers featuring our party animals. More printing and cutting!

Late night production line

Tattoos, packs and stickers

After I packaged up enough tattoos for Ava's party and her class I had a few left overs for the girls to try out today. They were pretty excited to wear their very own special, homemade tattoos.

A lizard tattoo first up for Ava

The tattoos go on just like every other temporary tattoo. Just peel off the clear cover sheet, place the tattoo in the desired location and firmly hold a wet cloth over it for 10 seconds or so.

Applying Ava's first tattoo

Tattoo girl


Looking tough

Revealing Lola's tortoise tattoo

Party tortoise

A little closer up

What could be going on Ava's ankle?

It's a baby croc!

Ankle tattoo

I can't wait to share our party animal tattoos with Ava's class on Monday and with her party guests next weekend. I think the kids are going to love them!

More party animal projects for Ava's birthday party coming soon...


  1. Awesome! I had no IDEA it was even possible to make kid friendly tattoos. I'll so be trying this someday. My girls are such little artists it would be fun to be able to scan their art and turn them into tattoos! Thanks for the post :-)

    1. My original plan with the tattoo paper was to turn the girls' drawings into tattoos too. They're constantly drawing "tattoos" on themselves anyway so I've never gotten around to using the tattoo paper as originally planned. In fact, Lola has a big colourful rainbow on her leg right now that she drew with marker!

    2. Oh, and I got the tattoo paper from Utrecht. They also sell it at Blick.

  2. So cool! I didn't realize that silhouette made tattoo paper. You can bet we'll be doing this soon!

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