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Monday 10 February 2014

Star of the week

Last week at school Ava was the "Star of the week" in her class.

She was awarded star of the week status because she is "focused and tries her best" - and maybe because it was also her birthday!

The star of the week gets to take Buddy Bear home with them along with a special journal and is asked to write about what they did with Buddy during the week. They can also draw pictures and include photos.

Buddy was lucky enough to be here for Ava's birthday party so that's what Ava wrote about in the journal.

Buddy Bear and the journal

Ava wrote: "Buddy Bear went to my birthday party. I had reptiles at my party. Buddy Bear helped me hold a turtle. I also held a snake, lizards and a tarantula. I had the tarantula on my head. Buddy Bear was sitting next to me."

Ava's journal entry

We stuck a few of Ava's favourite photos from her party in the journal along with her little story. The next star of the week is going to be in for a little surprise when they see these pictures! Especially the tarantula shot!

A page of creepy, crawly and slithery friends

Ava shows off her journal entry

Ava is always super keen to draw pictures so she also included a page of drawings of her and Buddy Bear with the reptiles.

Buddy watches Ava draw in the journal

All done

Buddy Bear and Ava at Ava's reptile party

Buddy Bear goes back to school tomorrow morning to be passed on to the next star of the week.
But first he needs some big hugs from Ava.

Hugs for Buddy Bear

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