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Friday 28 February 2014

P is for Pancakes, Pajamas and Preschool

Each week at Lola's preschool the kids learn about a new letter. This week they are learning about the letter P and to celebrate they had a pajamas and pancakes day today!

Lola has been so excited about her pajama day and all week she has been talking about which pajamas she would wear. Last night before bed she picked out two sets of pajamas. One to wear to bed and one to change into in the morning.

This morning she was so excited to change out of one set of pajamas and into another. She was so excited that she got to put shoes and a hoodie on with her pajamas. And she was super excited that she got to leave the house in her pajamas. We dropped Ava off to school on our way to preschool and Lola made sure to tell all the kids in Ava's class that she was wearing her pajamas to preschool today. I think they had all presumed she was sick.

The bus came by as we were walking to preschool so we jumped on. Lola thought it was pretty great to be on the bus wearing her pajamas. She made sure to tell the driver that she was wearing her pajamas to preschool today!

Riding the bus... in pajamas

Walking to preschool... in pajamas

When we arrived at preschool this morning Lola was pretty happy to see that most of her little friends were in pajamas and so were her teachers. She took her shoes off (another novelty at school) and got cozy with the other kids for a story.

Arriving at preschool... in pajamas

Walking up the steps to preschool... in pajamas

Listening to a story... in pajamas

Lola then switched to a few other activities. After all, listening to a story in your pajamas is pretty normal.

Building a magnetic house... in pajamas

After I left preschool the kids helped their teachers make pancakes for the morning snack. Lola had also eaten pancakes at home for breakfast, and then again later in the day as an afternoon snack after preschool. I guess it was a pancakes kind of day. 

Lola enjoyed wearing her pajamas all day so much that she has asked to do it again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next...

I don't know what it is about pajamas but kids just seem to love it when they have the opportunity to wear them somewhere they normally couldn't. Maybe it's the fun of seeing their friends and teachers dressed in pajamas too. Or maybe it's just because pajamas are snuggly and comfortable. Ava had two pajamas days in Kindergarten last year and they were both a huge hit with the kids - especially the one that coincided with their field trip to the fire station! Not the teachers' favourite, I'm sure.

Oh, and on a side note... A few nights ago Lola informed me that both she and Ava can have pajama days as they go to school. And Daddy can have a pajama day at his work if he likes. But Mummy can't have a pajama day because she doesn't do anything! Thanks for that Lola. I just might spend tomorrow at home doing nothing... in my pajamas!

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  1. Lola is just too adorable. Sounds like a great preschool. We're in the market for a preschool for our kiddo now.


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