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Tuesday 27 May 2014

Copycat Tattoos

Back in March my little sister celebrated her birthday. Usually Ava and Lola make hand drawn birthday cards to send to family and friends back home but this time I thought we'd do something a little different.

Ava and Lola love to be just like their Aunty Kylie. In fact, Ava is quite the "Mini Kylie" with her matching blonde hair, glasses and pout. Or as one of Kylie's friends put it recently, Kylie is like a "giant Ava"! Sorry Kylie, but I'm still laughing about that one!

Anyway, one of the things the girls love about their Aunty Kylie is that she has lots of tattoos. And if you know my girls you'll know that they're a huge fan of wearing fake tattoos. We decided to put the two together and make up copies of Kylie's tattoos for the girls to wear.

Birthday Card

I had a few packs of tattoo transfer paper left over from Ava's birthday (remember the temporary tattoos I made here) so we set to work creating our copies. Ava carefully copied three of Kylie's tattoos; a boombox, a cassette and a rose. Ava had no idea what the cassette was but she was keen to copy it as closely as possible!

Rock and Roll boombox

Mum rose

Kick Start My Heart cassette

Once Ava was happy with her drawings I scanned them into the computer, reversed them to ensure the text would run in the correct direction when applied, and printed them onto the tattoo paper.

Then it was time to apply the tattoos and pose for photos.

Tattoo girls

Rock and roll tattoos

The girls were keen to wear make up like Aunty Kylie but I figured tattoos were enough!

Here's a look at the real tattoos. Ava's copies look pretty similar, right?

The inspiration
Painted ladies

The pink boombox tattoo that Ava is wearing in the picture above is from Tattly. We found it a few years back and thought it was the perfect accessory for Ava to be a little more like Kylie. 

Ava and Lola loved wearing tattoos that we had created ourselves. I think we'll be working on a few more tattoo projects over the Summer!

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  1. Great idea. So funny that your girls don't know what a cassette tape is. I feel old.


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