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Thursday 8 May 2014

Two Weeks Old

Today my little baby girl Mathilde is two weeks old.

First brunch

It's such a cliche but the time is flying by and she's growing so fast. Of course, she's still such a tiny little thing but I can already see just how much she has changed in only two weeks. She is filling out, she's becoming quite alert, she's getting stronger and those grabby little hands of hers are starting to grab at everything, albeit in a rather uncoordinated fashion!

The day we came home from hospital

Mathilde's first outing at 4 days old. We're on our way to Lola's ballet performance

I've got to say that I feel really lucky at the moment that Mathilde is such an easy baby. Knock on wood I haven't just jinxed myself. She feeds well, she sleeps well, she doesn't fuss or cry too much (although my neighbours may think differently!) and she's an absolute poo machine! Ok, so maybe that last one isn't the greatest but at least I know it means she's getting enough milk in her rapidly expanding belly.

Partaking in one of her favourite past times: sleeping

Yesterday Mathilde had her two week check up. Her weigh in shows that she is already 11ounces (330grams) above her birth weight. A pretty big increase in just two weeks. She's still smaller than average but considering she was only 6lb 3oz (2818grams) at birth she's doing really well.

Hello little one

Flowers and skulls

Tummy time

One day later and she already seems bigger

We've been pretty lucky so far when it comes to Mathilde sleeping at night. Last night she slept all night and didn't wake until 7am. Most nights this last week she has slept all night through to about 5am. Fingers crossed this is something she keeps up. Not feeling like a zombie when I wake in the morning makes a huge difference!

So sleepy

Mathilde loves sleeping on Mummy

Since we came home from hospital Mathilde has experienced lots of firsts: her first ride on the bus, her first ride on BART (our subway system), her first visit to Australia (well, technically the Australian consulate in San Francisco), her first brunch, her first party (two in one day!) and so much more. Actually, pretty much everything we've done has been her first!

First trip on BART. Clearly everyone was bored!

This counts as a trip to Australia, right?

Oh, and her belly button fell off when she was ten days old. Her big sisters, who were completely grossed out by the dried up cord, are pretty happy that it has gone away. Now they can give her lots of cuddles without having to worry about it.

Big sister hugs

Cuddles in the park


Can you believe they all looked at the camera at the same time?!


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