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Friday 24 October 2014

Berkeley Police & Fire Open Day

Yesterday the Berkeley Police and Fire departments hosted an Open Day at the Public Safety Building.

The girls and I happened upon the event as we were heading out to do some shopping and I'm so glad we did. The girls got to use fire extinguishers, try on fireman jackets and bullet proof vests, play in police cars, pretend to ride a police motorbike, meet Sparky the Firedog and even turn the siren on in a police car. They had so much fun!

First up the girls learned how to use a fire extinguisher. A controlled fire was set up for them and they put it out by squirting it with a fire extinguisher.

Looks like we've burnt dinner!

Good thing Ava can use a fire extinguisher

Uh oh... the stove is on fire again!

Lola to the rescue!

Then we moved inside to try on fireman uniforms. Lola couldn't believe how heavy the jacket was. I love that it completely covers her whole body!

Just a little big!

Mathilde used the helmets as bongo drums

The bullet proof vest didn't feel quite so heavy after wearing the fireman jacket!

So many things to try on

We also checked out some vintage lie detectors and weapons inside before heading back out to have a look in the police cars. The girls took turns playing police officer in the front and bad guy in the back.

A happy passenger

A not so happy passenger!

Happy in the driver's seat

Ava and her prisoner Lola

Driving in style

Let me out

Computer games?

The girls were pretty happy that they got to use the siren too.

There was more stuff to try on outside. The girls took it in turns holding a riot shield and tried to carry a police backpack. Both were a little big for Lola. She certainly was well protected behind that shield with just her feet poking out!

A little bigger than her school back pack

Oops... too heavy for Lola!

We then had a look at a bomb disposal robot. Mathilde was pretty impressed by it. Look at that smile on her face!

Police cars are fun to play in, but we all know that the police motorbike is the coolest! The girls took it in turns pretending to ride - and posing in strange positions. Apparently Lola is being a mermaid in the last shot but it looks a little, umm... eighties glamour shot!

Police girls

A new car for our family?

Officer Lola

Ava could just reach both handlebars

Hi there

Trust me, she's being a mermaid!

We had lots of fun pretending to be firemen and police officers. I'm so glad we stumbled upon this event. We'll definitely keep an eye out for it again next year.

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