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Saturday 11 October 2014

My Karate Kids

If you've been reading Little Hiccups for a while you'll know that Ava has been taking karate lessons for just over a year now. Over the Summer Lola joined in the karate class so now I have two karate girls.

This week the girls took part in a belt test. For Lola this was her first test (for her white belt) and for Ava it was her third (white belt with two black stripes).

The girls did most of their test together even though they were working towards different belts.

I love how crazy the kids look when they practice their kicks!

Half of the class were testing for the same belt as Ava so part way through the test they worked on a few harder moves while the younger kids watched.

Then the younger kids had their turn to show off their moves.

At the end of the test each student was called forward one at a time to find out if they had passed. Their teacher, Sensei Julia, held their belt above her head. If she brought it down on the student's shoulder they had passed. If she threw it away they had not passed.

So what happened?

All the kids passed! Hooray!

Their new belts were tied around their waists and they were awarded certificates.

Hooray for karate kids!


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