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Monday 16 March 2015

St Patrick's Day Parade 2015

It certainly has been parade season around here!

The weekend before last we watched dragons and lions march through the streets of San Francisco in celebration of the Chinese New Year, and this weekend just gone we joined a sea of green for the St Patrick's Day parade.

We had beautiful weather for the St Patrick's Day parade. Spring is definitely here in the Bay Area - although admittedly, we're still waiting for Winter to arrive in the first place. Anyway, the sun was shining, the sky was blue with fluffy white clouds, and the streets were awash with green.

We arrived after the parade had been going for about forty minutes so we found a spot close to the end of the route to sit and watch. For the next hour or so we watched floats, marching bands, dancers, trade unions, pipers, dogs, horses, vintage cars, sporting teams, fire trucks, motorcycles and police officers make their way down the street. There was even one creepy clown. There's always one creepy clown!

My highlight of the parade was watching Mathilde try and take part! My little one has updated her status from baby to toddler in the last few days, and was keen test out her new walking skills by marching down the street. She also spent a fair amount of her time dancing. You can see Mathilde's new walking skills in the videos below.

Ava and Lola were both excited about the amount of candy and other goodies that was thrown their way by parade participants. By the end of the parade they were both decked out in green beads, had flags to wave and bubbles to blow, and the bottom of the stroller was full of candy. A pretty successful day of parade watching! 

The girls also enjoyed seeing the Irish Wolfhounds up close, watching the horses trot past, and posing for photos for the various costumed characters taking part in the parade. 

We had a fun time at the St Patrick's Day parade. Lola was a little grumpy at the start (because, well, grumpy is her middle name!) but despite her scowl in many of the photos she enjoyed herself. By the end she was dancing up a storm with her little friend to a marching band.

No more parades now for at least a few weeks. Easter and Cherry Blossom Festival are both coming up soon but until then we'll have to find another way to spend our weekends!

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