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Saturday 28 March 2015

Eleven Months Old

Eleven months. Crazy, right? I can't believe that this little one with be celebrating her first birthday in just under a month. I am in total denial!

Last month I ended Mathilde's ten month post with "Hopefully next month I'll be sharing my roly-poly walking girl with a few more teeth!". Well, I'm pleased to say that I can tick two of those things of the list. Can you guess which two?

You can probably see from the photos that she's still not looking all that roly-poly so that leaves walking and teeth. That's right, this one's a walker! After a few months of standing independently Mathilde finally took the plunge and started walking on her own at ten months and sixteen days old. Since then she's been walking more and more every day. Crawling is still much faster so she tends to crawl when she's in a hurry (ie. when she knows she's doing something she's not supposed to and is trying to get away from me!) but she's now at the stage where she's starting to walk more than crawl. I still can't get over how tiny she looks when she walks - or dances as she's doing in most of the photos below.

And then there are those teeth. At the end of last month she had just one little tiny tooth poking through at the top. That's right, her teeth are coming through out of order. She likes to do things her own way. Now she has two decent sized chompers at the top and one tiny tooth at the bottom. The second bottom tooth is nowhere to be seen but her third and fourth top teeth look almost ready to burst out of her gums. I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up with four top teeth and still only one bottom tooth. 

Wondering why Mathilde has her hands on her head in the photo above? That's one of her new things. We call it "Oh no!" or Macauley Caulkin face. When Mathilde drops something she dramatically clasps her hands against her face. She also does this on demand if I say "Oh no!". It's become one of her favorite games. The girls and I love playing "Oh no!" with Mathilde as she pulls the funniest faces when she does it. Often her hands miss where she intended them to go and she ends up squishing her eyes or mouth - which she finds hilarious! 

While walking is definitely one of Mathilde's favorite activities right now her outright favorite has to be the pretty general "getting into things". She gets into everything. I never had to do much baby proofing for Ava and Lola but this time around we have locks everywhere: kitchen cupboards, the oven, the stove top, the toilet, the windows... She has a sixth sense for knowing when one of these locks has been left undone. Accidentally leave the under sink lock undone and Mathilde's there seconds later holding the container of crickets that we feed to Ava's gecko! Leave the toilet unlocked and there she is leaning over the edge head first trying to splash her hands in the water! Leave a cupboard unlocked and the next thing you know five vases are laying on the floor smashed. Luckily she was not hurt at all that time.

Mathilde is becoming more expressive every day. If she wants something (or doesn't want something) she is sure to make it clear. She points at things that wants while making happy little noises. She blows kisses (making cute little kiss sounds), waves bye bye and gives high fives. She's starting to use "words" in context. She says Mama when she wants me rather than just saying it on demand and I swear she has started saying "hi" and "up". And of course there's her favorite word: "buh" for button.

Buttons are still a major obsession for Mathilde. If there's a button to be pressed somewhere she'll find it and press it. Even if it's not a button, she'll press it anyway. I had no idea how many things in our apartment could be perceived as a button by a toddler. If it's on a wall, it's a button. Light switches, door stoppers, power outlets. They're all buttons according to Mathilde and they all need to be pressed as she passes by - if she can reach, of course. If it's a circle or square, it's a button. Phones, computers and remote controls have become her favorite toys as they're all covered in buttons. My phone is her favorite as she can press the button and talk to Siri! Of course, she presses buttons and changes all sorts of stuff on my phone too. She sets alarms, locks the screen orientation, changes the volume, mutes the ringer, turns off wifi... I had no idea just how many things you can do with a locked iPhone until Mathilde started playing with it!

As well as pressing buttons, Mathilde works on her fine motor skills by doing lots of sorting. She likes to stack or sort cups, toys, food etc and she loves to take lids off bottles and put them back on. She is allowed to play in one drawer in the kitchen which contains the kids plastic bowls, plates and cups. She mainly likes to just throw everything out of the drawer, but once she has it all out she gets to work sorting and testing out lids on sippy cups.

Outside of our apartment Mathilde has two favorite places: the playground and Cheeseboard. She gets so excited when we approach either one. At the playground she loves to swing, ride the bouncy zebra and push around (or be pushed on) the various ride on toys. When we go to Cheeseboard she loves to eat a brioche. She loves her brioches so much that we never make it to the counter to pay before she has to start eating! She used to just have a little piece of my morning brioche but now she eats so much of it that I have to buy a second one. She doesn't eat the whole thing, maybe about half, so that means I get a little extra brioche when I eat her leftovers. I'm not going to complain about that!

I can't believe that the next time I post one of these updates Mathilde will be twelve months old. Time to get working on her first birthday party!

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