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Thursday 2 April 2015

April Fool's Day 2015

Did you prank your kids yesterday? Were you fooled by any pranks yourself?

We love a good April Fool's Day prank in our home. The kids knew that I would have something planned but they didn't know what. So it came as quite a surprise when I managed to prank Ava in exactly the same way as last year: the gold old frozen cereal trick! You'd think the fact that I was ready in front of her with a camera as she attempted the first mouthful of Cheerios would be a give away but I guess she was engrossed in her Mindcraft game and didn't notice (hence her headphones).

Lola thought it was hilarious, but little did she know her own breakfast prank was coming...

Lola loves the silver dollar pancakes from Trader Joe's and eats them for breakfast several times a week. I decided to switch it up a little by making cardboard pancakes for her. She was so annoyed when she discovered that she'd been pranked too. In fact, she threw all of the pancakes at me!

I then asked the girls if they'd like a glass of juice, which they both excitedly said yes too. Silly girls. Of course it wasn't juice. It was jello in a cup with a straw! Once again, Ava thought the prank was hilarious while Lola was annoyed. Ava was excited at the prospect of eating strawberry jello for breakfast. Lola responded with "I hate jello" and a frown.

We didn't have much time for many other pranks as we had a day of outings ahead of us seeing as it's Spring Break here. I did stuff the girls' shoes with tissue paper though to thwart their attempts at putting them on, but they discovered it before I was ready so I missed getting a photo.

We had a day of fun factory tours planned. Our first stop was Mrs Grossman's sticker factory in Petaluma followed by the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield. On the way to Mrs Grossman's I announced to the girls that it was all just an April Fool's Day prank and that we weren't really going to a sticker factory but rather a dog food factory instead. But don't worry, I added, there will still be free samples! The air in the car was very tense for a moment there until I shouted "April Fools!".

The girls really wanted to prank Daddy so we decided that while we were out we'd sneak off at some point and come back looking a little different. So during a bathroom break at the Jelly Belly factory we donned mustaches. I'm not sure if this really pranked Kim or not, but it was fun and we sure did get a lot of strange looks!

Mathilde wasn't too keen on wearing the mustache as you can probably tell. We did look pretty dapper though, don't you think? Or maybe it suited Kim better. Hmm... maybe not!

I hope you all enjoyed April Fool's Day yesterday!

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