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Monday 13 April 2015

Cherry Blossom Festival 2015

Yesterday we headed to San Francisco's Japantown neighborhood for the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. Although, from the pictures below you may think we were actually at a Hello Kitty and Pocky festival!

The Hello Kitty activities at the Sanrio Kid's Corner were definitely the highlight for Ava and Lola. In the past we've always missed out on taking part in the Hello Kitty fun so this time we made sure to head straight to the Sanrio Kid's Corner - with a quick stop at the Pocky truck for free snacks, of course!

At the Sanrio Kids Corner Ava and Lola had loads of crafty fun. They made Hello Kitty window decals, sand art pictures, fans and pencil cups. Mathilde slept pretty much the whole time which was great as it was super busy and she would've been desperate to join in and constantly underfoot.

Once Ava and Lola had used up all of their vouchers for the Sanrio Kids Corner we joined a long, long line for the Hello Kitty Cafe food truck. We were seriously in that line for about an hour! The girls were pretty excited about eating Hello Kitty macarons though so they were happy to wait. I hit up the regular food stalls for some lunch for us to eat while we stood in line and I was happy to discover that Mathilde love udon noodles and miso soup. Salty is good! 

We eventually made it to the front of the line and bought a couple of boxes of macarons. The girls were also given stickers which they were pretty excited about. They definitely love stickers!

After buying our macarons it was time for a little break from Hello Kitty. The festival had lots of other things to offer, of course. So we headed down Post Street to check out the display booths. The girls met friendly Shibu Inu dogs, danced to live music and tried their hand at Taiko drumming.

We had noticed lots of people walking around with giant inflatable Poky sticks and the girls were desperate to get their hands on one. We eventually found out that they were being given out at a nearby Japanese supermarket with the purchase of Pocky. So even though we'd had our fill of free Pocky (or rather, "Pocky's Friend" Pejoy), we headed to the supermarket to buy more and get our free Pocky balloons. The girls loved the supermarket and if it hadn't been so incredibly busy they would've happily spent an hour in there perusing the colorful products. Mathilde was quite taken by a cup of snacks and wouldn't let go of it. There were lots of tears when I finally got it away from her. Lola found a giant pack of giant Pocky but we figured that regular sized Pocky would be just fine.

The girls got their Pocky stick balloons but I didn't actually take any photos of them as Mathilde was having a meltdown (still crying from me taking away the cup of snacks) and we decided it was time to head home.

On the way we stopped for a much needed coffee at Starbucks and ate our Hello Kitty macarons. The line may have been long to get them but it was definitely worth it as they were some of the yummiest macarons I've ever had. Plus they had cute bows on them just like Hello Kitty!

Cherry Blossom Festival continues this coming weekend with the grand parade held on Sunday. We attended on parade day a few years back. You can see it here.

For more information about San Francisco's Cherry Blossom Festival please visit the official website http://sfcherryblossom.org 

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