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Thursday 30 April 2015

52 Weeks: Week 17

Week 17: Ikea Assembly Team

Recently we've been trying to work out whether or not we want to stay in our current apartment for another year or try and find somewhere a little bigger to live. We needed to give an answer to our landlord soon so I've been looking around at what else is available in our area. After doing a little research on Craigslist we came to the conclusion that moving our family of five to something bigger (but just as nice and convenient) than our current two bedroom apartment was just going to be too expensive. So, we've decided that we'll be staying in our current apartment for another year.

Now that we know we'll be staying put for a little longer I want to do a little decorating and rearranging. I've been feeling inspired to do so since I received my copy of the Design Mom book which is a great resource for designing a practical and kid friendly, yet beautiful home. You can get a copy here on Amazon. Oh, and you can see me with Gabrielle from Design Mom at the book launch here on Instagram!

My first step to maximizing our space was sorting out storage solutions. As you can imagine, with three kids our apartment can feel a little cramped. Making sure that everything has it's own place is important but with limited storage options and the kids keeping me so busy this is something that has been overlooked for a long time. I've had my eye on a particular Ikea sideboard for quite some time so I finally got around to purchasing it for our dining area along with a few storage carts that can be used for craft items and in the bathroom. The sideboard that I wanted isn't available at our local store so I had to order on line and have everything delivered directly to us, which frankly was the easiest option anyway. I love home delivery!

The girls were so excited when they arrived home from school and saw all of the Ikea boxes in the living room. Ava and Lola were even more excited when I told them they could help assemble the storage carts. So here they are, my little Ikea Assembly Team working on building storage carts - and playing with boxes. That's the best part of deliveries, right? All those fun boxes to play in!

The girls enjoyed helping assemble the storage carts but playing in the boxes was definitely more fun!

Thank you little helpers!

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