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Wednesday 15 April 2015

52 Weeks: Week 15

Week 15: Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day

Yesterday was Ben & Jerry's annual Free Cone Day. The girls and I headed to our local store for an icy after dinner treat. We arrived an hour before the promotion ended and as you can imagine there was a pretty long line. The line became even longer as we approached 8pm and the end of the promotion. I guess everyone loves free ice cream!

When we made it to the front of the line Ava and Lola were given ice cream cut outs to pose for photos with. You'd think that they'd be pretty happy about this given that they usually get pretty excited about photos like this, but all they cared about was the fact that the people behind us in the line got to go ahead while they posed for photos! I guess the girls were worried that they'd miss out on their ice cream if they took even a second longer to get into the store!

But we didn't miss out. We made it into the store with plenty of time to spare. In fact, everyone who made it into the line before 8pm was given a free cone even if it took another half hour for them to reach the store.

Before we reached the store we were given a menu which listed the available flavors. None of my all time favorite Cherry Garcia for me unfortunately, but there were still plenty of delicious flavors to choose from. Ava chose Choc Chip Cookie Dough, Lola chose Phish Food, I chose Mint Chocolate Chunk and Mathilde chose Vanilla. Ok, I may have chosen on Mathilde's behalf. We each went for a cone and a cup. I don't remember ice cream stores back home in Australia doing this but it's such a great idea. The kids always want a cone but they always make a mess with it. Having the cup there as well helps keep them a little tidier.

We found a spot to sit down in front of the neighboring store and enjoyed our delicious free ice cream. Lola ended up with a pretty impressive chocolate mustache and beard!

 Hooray for free ice cream! The girls are sure to be counting down to next year!

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