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Tuesday 28 April 2015

52 Weeks: Week 16

Week 16: Rubber Band Helicopter Outtakes

Ok, so I'm a little behind with this one.

The past week was taken over with preparations for Mathilde's birthday party and everything else was pushed to the side. When I looked back through my photos to share something for my 52 week project last Wednesday I realised that I didn't have any photos from the week that I hadn't already shared. And then because I didn't have any new photos to share (and because I was busy with party prep) I kind of forgot to post at all. Oops!

So, to catch up I'm going to share some outtakes from the Rubber Band Helicopter post that I shared last week. In that post I shared photos of the Ava and Lola's helicopters successfully flying, but as you can probably imagine, there were just as many crashes as there were successful flights!

First up, here's a successful flight - or at least a successful flight for Ava. Lola didn't let go of hers until after I'd stopped taking photos on burst mode! As you can see, Ava was pretty excited when her helicopter successfully flew.

Some flights were successful in that the helicopters did fly, but not so successful in that they ended up crashing into Ava's face! It was a pretty windy day so the girls often found themselves ducking for cover after launching their helicopters! The shot below is my favorite. I love that the nose of the helicopter is crashing into Ava's nose!

And then there were the flights that were just flops. Poor Lola had most of these. As much as she tried, she struggled to get her butterfly to fly most of the time. Ava had plenty of flops too.

Despite the fact that the girls had many unsuccessful attempts at flying their helicopters they still had a lot of fun. Sometimes it's more fun when they crash. It's definitely funnier!

For instructions on how to make rubber band helicopters (and other fun activities) visit Galileo by clicking here

Where was Mathilde during all of this helicopter fun? She was out in the courtyard with us too. While I was busy taking photos of Ava and Lola she was busy moving pebbles around in the fountain in the courtyard. By the time we were finished flying the helicopters she was completely drenched. Despite the fact that her clothes were soaking wet, she did not want to leave the fountain's side. I had to drag her away kicking and screaming - although she was pretty happy when she realised she was going to a warm bath tub instead! I wish I'd taken a photo of her playing next to the fountain but I didn't think of it at the time. So instead, here she is, nice and dry, doing a little drawing (or eating pencils) while Ava and Lola made their helicopters earlier.

This week I promise to be a little more on the ball. Or at least I hope to. But don't quote me on it - this week's 52 Week Project post is due tomorrow!

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