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Thursday 31 March 2016

Easter 2016

Easter has been and gone for another year, and although it was only a few days ago it already feels like it was weeks ago. Well, maybe not quite, but as we're busy with Spring Break at the moment Easter is no longer on my mind. Before we move on from Easter completely I want to share our Easter Sunday with you.

As usual, Ava and Lola were up pretty early and keen to find out if the Easter Bunny had visited. Mathilde wasn't sure what was going on but heard that there might be chocolate so she was keen to get out into the living room too!

As you can see from the trail of sparkly footprints (DIY here) and the dining table covered in goodies, the Easter Bunny did indeed visit our home.

The girls (decked out in their new Easter pajamas) were pretty excited to see that the Easter Bunny had visited while they slept. As well as chocolates from the Easter Bunny, the girls were treated to goodies from their grandparents in Australia and books from Kim and I. Mathilde couldn't wait to get into her chocolate. While Ava and Lola went through their Easter boxes to see what they had, Mathilde just grabbed the first thing she saw (a Lindt gold bunny) and started ripping off the foil to get to the chocolatey goodness inside.

After checking out (and eating!) their Easter goodies, the girls followed the Easter Bunny's footprints back out of our apartment to see how he got in. Once again the footprints lead to the nearest fire escape just down the hallway. And once again, the girls didn't seem to notice that the footprints only went in one direction! That said, Ava has been getting pretty suspicious and keeps asking if I'm really the Easter Bunny. I'm not ready for that!

We ate hot cross buns for breakfast and then headed out to the courtyard to hunt for eggs that we had decorated the day before. First I hid the eggs for the girls and then they took it in turns hiding the eggs for each other. In the past we've lost quite a few eggs in the courtyard due to the dense grasses, but this year the gardeners trimmed all of the plants back just a few weeks before Easter so it was a little easier to find the eggs. For the first time ever, we didn't lose a single egg.

Once we'd hunted for eggs four times it was time for my new favorite Easter tradition: cascarones! These colorful, confetti filled eggs are so much fun. Ava and Lola always look forward to smashing them on each other's heads on Easter Sunday, and this year Mathilde was excited to join in as well. We usually smash our cascarones in our kitchen as the floor is smooth making the mess easy to sweep up. This year we decided to smash them in the courtyard which wasn't really the best idea thanks to the hard to sweep rough pavers. Oh, and the wind that picked up right around the time we started smashing our cascarones! Tip: sweeping tiny pieces of confetti off rough tiles isn't easy, but packing tape picks it all up easily and quickly :)

Our Easter Sunday was a fun day. Ha - Sunday fun day! The kids were happy to eat (way too much) chocolate, and they loved hunting for eggs and smashing cascarones. We ended our Easter with a late night flight to Las Vegas for our Spring Break trip to the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park and Valley of Fire. Stay tuned for lots of pics of amazing scenery coming soon!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

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