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Tuesday 29 March 2016

Macy's Flower Show 2016

On Friday Mathilde and I took a trip into the city to see the Macy's Flower Show at the San Francisco store. 

Each year, Macy's celebrates the arrival of Spring with an amazing flower show held in several of their stores around the country. This year's flower show marks the 70th anniversary of this beautiful event and the theme, America the Beautiful, couldn't be more fitting.

Like always, the beauty department was awash with color. The real beauty in the beauty department however, could be found above the rows and rows of make up and skin products. Masses of flowering plants, fountains, flower covered arches, and sculptures filled the tops of beauty counters with each section focusing on a certain part of America.

The centerpiece of the beauty department's display was a replica Golden Gate Bridge spanning across the center aisle. The center aisle features "America the Beautiful" written along the floor in an illustration filled font reminiscent of a vintage postcard.

The perfume department always has a slightly quirky display. This year's display features flamingos made of petals standing (on one leg, of course!) in a sea of tropical plants.

Mathilde's favorite part of the flower show was the piano set up between the beauty and watch departments. At certain times of the day there are scheduled performers, however when we visited the piano was free for anyone to play. You can bet that Mathilde made the most of this! The piano was actually there as part of Flower Piano, which had an event in San Francisco Botanical Gardens last Summer. You might remember my girls playing pianos all around the botanical gardens. If not, you can see them here.

The watch department played ode to the Southwest with a desert themed display with cacti, yuccas, succulents, and other desert plants above the center display and along the side.

The centerpiece of the Macy's flower show is always found at the bottom of the escalator coming from the entrance on Union Square. In the past we've seen amazing gowns made of flowers and sculptures covered in a projection of blooms. This year's centerpiece couldn't have fit in more perfectly with the theme. A replica of Lady Liberty's torch, surrounded by rows of flowering plants. Beautiful.

Once we had finished checking out the floral displays in the store we headed out to Union Square to take a look at the outside of the Macy's building. During the flower show the front of the store is always decked out in massive signage promoting the show. The motif of the Statue of Liberty's torch was carried through to this as well. I really like the illustration used in the signage.

Just like last year, we were pleased to discover new (to us, at least) hearts in Union Square. Ava and Lola are always excited to find new hearts, and it seems that Mathilde is just like her big sisters in this respect. The last few times we had visited Union Square the corners were free of hearts - apart from the corner of Post and Powell Streets which is home to the permanent heart sculpture. When Mathilde spotted a heart sculpture in a previously empty spot she ran straight over to give it a hug! Then we spotted another new heart on the opposite corner and there was more heart hugging to be had.

Macy's Flower Show runs through April 3rd. For more information and to see a schedule of instore events visit http://social.macys.com/flowershow/

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